Bye Bye 2016

Another year ended and so much has changed, things have happened (not all good), lots of well-known people have passed on and the kids have got older.

My blog has suffered as some things I wanted to blog about I couldn’t and other times things impacted me and I had major writers block. I was going to write a post to try to get it all out but instead I am going to look back on happy times and look at how the kids have grown!15871108_10158088895010445_898750835_nMonkey entered the year as a shy, unconfident 7-year-old. His learning had taken a bit of a hit in year three and he felt he wasn’t good at much. In March he turned 8 and we have seen him grown up very quickly; both physically (jumping 2 clothes sizes and catching up with peers) and mentally; he is developing his personality and his more grown up attitude. Monkey has started new clubs at school that are helping with his confidence too; basketball puts a big smile on his face and French Horn shows him he is really good at something.

Currently majorly into MineCraft, Pokemon and Dan TDM he is very similar to most of the boys in his year at school and to top it off in the proud mummy stakes – his learning has gone back up, massively and he is doing awesome thanks to a Teacher who focusses on encouragement and changing styles with different children.15870638_10158088909590445_238270238_n

Mouse started the year as a 5-year-old, hadn’t even been in school for a year because of the delay starting – you wouldn’t have known though, the girl does love learning. Now she is developing a ‘6 going on 16’ attitude, don’t get me wrong; she is really well-behaved – just very independent. Mouse has taken up Gymnastics and has found she is a natural, she loves it and will be continuing this year. She continues to be my ‘princess that likes mud’ (not sure that will ever change), some days she is doused from head to toes in pink and sparkly things, the next in her football kit pretending to be a Pokemon hunter climbing rocks.

Currently her favourite things are Shopkins, Pokemon and Disney infinity – I think we might have a Disney Fan girl on our hands in the future!IMG_2720

We have had lots of good times over the year, a fab holiday with awesome friends in Tenerife, Parties, days out and a new job for hubby. We have made new life long friendships and strengthen old ones, my mum got engaged to a man that makes her smile and the husband and I ran another successful Nottingham Comic Con. I always think pictures speak louder than words, so here is a collection of fun!

There have been things i would rather not think about but ultimately they add to your past to grow you, hubby and I got through them together and we have an awesome family. We are lucky that everyone we love made it through and we have our health.

Here is to a great 2017 for all!

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