Cold, Cold and Cold!

What a week it’s been – and the running theme?   Coldness!

Let me explain the three colds!

Cold number one: The snow and ice! Now normally I am a lover of all things snow (well maybe not all things – snowballs down the back, I don’t like), but the past few weeks have become a bit of a bore with all the snow, and this week was a week full of questions – Can I get to work? Will others get to work? Can I walk in the street without doing a dance routine trying to stay upright? Will my feet ever warm up!? I never thought I would say it, but I was so glad to see the rain on Friday!

Cold number two: To top things off I went and caught myself a cold, a yucky can’t breathe or eat very well cold, finally recovering, but it makes everything so much harder!

Cold number three: A nice one to finish off on – I decided to join the masses and went to my first ever Ice Hockey game (well you have to living in Nottingham don’t you!), it was AWESOME!
The Nottingham Panthers won 10-3 against the Newcastle Vipers, the atmosphere was fab and I had a great time!
I have to say – it’s a sport I could get in to! It was so chilled out but also so exciting, and what other sport allows you to sing and dance as if you were in your own living room!!

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