Comics for Christmas – Gift Guide

This year I have found myself reading a lot of Comics and do you know what?! They are awesome!

Husband is a massive fan of comics and has been as long as I have known him and it seems to have rubbed off on me. To be honest, I think one of the main reasons I love them is because they have turned our reluctant reader into a book worm!

Christmas is coming up fast and we always buy the children books, buy accutane before and after online when you finish taking Accutane there should be at least a two month recreation period in the course of which you will not use this drug, so this led me to think about what Comics would make good Christmas Presents or Stocking fillers and here is what I came up with – welcome to my first Gift Guide for 2017 – Comics for Christmas! This is a list of five comics that I have enjoyed that would be suitable for children too!HeaderNew




24879168_10159757452515445_1811291192_oThe first one is ‘Outlaws: Wanted’ – the all ages Charity Comic produced by Nottingham Comic Con; it features a whole load of artists and writers including Marc Laming (Star Wars, Planet Hulk, X-Men), Roger Langridge (The Muppets, Thor, Popeye), The Etherington Bros (Long Gone Don, Baggage, The Phoenix Comic), Steve Beckett (The Beano) and Laura Howell (The Regular Show, Angry Birds, The Beano).

It is full of different comics to make to laugh and giggle and is brilliant to share with the little ones too! To make it even better during the season of goodwill – all monies go to Charity. It was funded on Kickstarter earlier in the year so the whole £5.00 heads to help people.


24879062_10159757452495445_1709197221_oComing from Level 8 Comics is Late Knights; written by Jon Laight and illustrated by Matt Strott (both people I think are awesome and have loads of talent) – this is a fantastic all ages/kids comic.

The story follows the Late family – a family of spies – who with their skills and gadgets are on a mission to protect the world. With Baddies like Miss Fur Frost and Chamelgran, you can be sure of a lot of fun!

Both Monkey and the Mouse have read this and they absolutely love it, they can’t wait for the next one in the series! A perfect comic for younger readers or those young at heart!



24879197_10159757534025445_1874305760_oThe Etherington Brothers are an immense force in the land of kids comics; they are full of passion for comics and have some serious talent!

We have a lot of their books but for this list I am going to tell you about Baggage. Featuring Randall – a happy-go-lucky but disaster-prone lost property officer, this is a tale of adventure, hilarity and mystery. It is brilliant fun and Monkey has read it over and over again!

Check out their other comics too, they have something for kids of all ages!



Next up is Brain Shoodles from Emily B Owen. This comic does have a serious undertone and a grown up theme of Anxiety and Depression but I have included it as I think it is a perfect read for your teenagers – in the area I work in I see depression in children, so anything that can help is good in my book.

Brain Shoodles is written in such a way that it is entertaining but also helpful! Simple but awesome images are used to illustrate the points and the bonus is you will have some laughs along the way too! Perfect for a stocking filler or buy it for yourself!



24957129_10159757452770445_2586187_oLast but not least is a little festive, I picked this up at a Comic Con and I love it. A Christmas Carol done by Joe Matthews and Dave McCluskey. It is a beautifully illustrated version of the classic tale, it is lots of fun and lovely read. I love comics that take a classic and make it modern and it works wonders with our Reluctant reader.

It is more pricey than some other comics at £10 but I would definitely say it is worth it.


Keep your eyes peeled for comics; they make great stocking fillers, perfect pressies and they have a practical role is encouraging reading! It has worked for Monkey– he always has his head in a book or comic now!


Disclaimer: I am involved in the Notitngham Comic Con but my opinion of Outlaws: Wanted is an honest one – we were very lucky with the people who contributed! I bought the other comics at various comic cons!



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