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Monkey and I had some Mummy/Son time this afternoon as Mouse was at a birthday party and Daddy was out too. We decided to go on a bit of an adventure and explore the area around our house. Just up the house and off a fairly busy road we came across a nature reserve. We hopped over the stile and starting walking through some lovely greenery.

Very quickly we felt we were away from the residential area as everything went so quiet, it was really peaceful. We didn’t know what we would find so we just walked. There were kissing gates (although being a big grown up 7 year old he didn’t want a kiss).20150516_151117There were loads of different pathways, some under trees, so in the open and even some stairs. I let Monkey lead the way and he chose the route we took. 20150516_152120Along the way we saw some butterflies, bees and squirrels. We saw water and mud and lots of trees. It was beautiful and along the way Monkey was using his imagination to tell me about what he might see around the next corner – a church, frogs, a bear; it was so much fun. 20150516_152400

We turned one corner and there was a small jetty where you could walk out to look over the water, we saw hundreds and hundreds of tadpoles. Monkey loved watching them swim about and wiggle their bums! I am glad we didn’t have a jam jar or I fear we could have been discussing bringing some home to take care of! 20150516_152522We had a brilliant time chilling out, exploring and just spending time together. Monkey has decided that as we couldn’t bring them home, we will have to go back and check on the tadpoles to see if they are frogs and that they are ok. We will be taking Daddy and Mouse next time and a picnic too!

Do you have a nature reserve near you? What do you see there?20150516_152544

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. How lovely to spend some one on one time together. It sounds like you had a great walk.

    1. It really was lovely 😀

  2. What a lovely explore and so much to discover too. I like the sound of the picnic next time too and perhaps a magnifying glass to have a real look at some of your finds along the way. A wonderful discovery just up the road from home. thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

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