Diary of a Zombie Steve – Book Review

I currently have a Minecraft obsessed 8-year-old in the house – Monkey has literally gone mad for it in recent weeks. So, on that note I jumped at the chance to have a look at ‘Diary of a Zombie Steve’ (An unofficial minecraft book) to tell you about what we think! 14658338_10157644011385445_18466777_nThe Book is the diary of Zombie Steve as he goes about his days after being offered a new job. Unfortunately as he heads towards his new opportunity in his boat he gets caught in a terrible storm and he wakes up on a desert island. I love the diary format as Steve writes about each day and what he gets up to, you follow the things he sees and the wonders he discovers. The real question is will he survive and find his way home to his new job?14697269_10157644011260445_1983965957_o

On a practical note, the writing is a great size for Monkey – it is not daunting for him as some books can be. It is well written – easy to understand and follow the story. I can see Monkey reading this over and over and I know that we will be looking at getting other titles too!
I am very happy with the book, I can’t complain about anything that encourages Monkey to read.  It is ideal for Christmas or Birthday gifts and I will definitely be buying from the range in the future!

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