Easter Crafts with Baker Ross

We have had a slight delay on our Easter Celebrations this year due to a bad bout of flu for me and a slightly less bad bout of flu for others. Luckily the local schools seem to have matched this and although the kids were off for Good Friday and Easter Monday they then went back to school for four days before the Easter holiday started.

So we are still on Easter holidays and have lots crafts to fill the time with thanks to Baker Ross.

As they have before, they sent us a great batch of items as a Baker Ross blogger and we couldn’t wait to dig in. Their crafts are great for anytime of year, so even though we are a little late with Easter the children had no qualms about having some creative fun!
The first thing to try was the 3D scratch art bird decorations; they are really simple to do and so effective. You literally scratch a pattern into your bird with the provided yellow stick, next you build the bird with the pieces and then add a ribbon! They are super for creativity, simplicity and fun! I actually did one and found it therapeutic!

The great thing about birds is they are suitable for all year round too!

A pack of Golden Eggs has come in handy for indoor fun whilst we have been poorly; they are made of plastic and can be used for all sorts – obviously craft is the main use – decorate and give as gifts, fill and use for an egg hunt or add ribbons and decorate an Easter Tree!

The other ideas we came up with were playing catch, juggling and using in our shop play (once decorated they can be easter eggs for sale!).

Cross Stitch kits are great for children, they really give them something to focus on and to have fun with. It develops co-ordination and creativity and helps them learn to do fiddly bits. The Easter Cross Stitch contain five sets which include a pre-punched card template, coloured yarn and safe plastic needle. They are so cute and look really effective when done.12988157_10156839068945445_1436273279_n-1Baker Ross has so much more to offer for Easter, Spring and other times of the year; there are kits, pens, paper for decoration, things just for fun, things with a practical use and so much more!

The Bird Fuse Bead Kits create some really gorgeous looking birds, the set goes well with other fuse bead kits too and the children’s imaginations can run wild!

The Easter Egg Jigsaw Puzzles were a firm favourite this time round, Monkey especially loved designing and colouring his own puzzle and then playing with it after. He took it to his room to play with in the morning and showed it off to everyone who came round to the house. Again another simple but very effective craft, Baker Ross is definitely one that will stay in this house – I always think of it when occasions are coming up!


I have to reiterate too, that although this post is called Easter Crafts we would use them all year round, they could come under Spring Crafts, Food (Egg) Crafts, Animal Crafts or just ‘Crafts’.


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  1. We love baker Ross craft. They are fab!

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