Finishing Nursery!

So today was Leg’s last day at Nursery!

It is a massive thing as from September he is going to a different school to the one he has completed nursery at! We have moved area, which means that he is going to be going to a school that his school friends don’t go to!

So, what can I say about today – it’s been emotional! The school put on a lovely afternoon, we had a ‘leavers picnic’ (indoor because of damp grass), then there was a lovely ceremony where they got their leavers medal and they all sang ‘Happy Leavers Day to you’, naming each child!

Then came the really hard bit, the saying goodbye, we collected pictures, took photos from the wall, gave gifts and there were lots of cuddles! Legs said that he was going to miss his teacher and that made him a bit sad. It’s an end of an era……

On a positive note, we were sent on our way with a whole load of ‘it’s been a pleasure’, ‘he is so ready for big school’, ‘he is going to bloom’, ‘he is going to be missed, really missed’ and ‘he is  a star’.

So little man, your summer holidays start here, you have fun, and in September you hold you smart little head high and take your new school by storm!!  The last year has taught you so much, maths, confidence, using your imagination, life skills and more!

We are very proud of who you are becoming!

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    • bluebirdsunshine on July 23, 2012 at 09:59
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    What a lovely post. I can imagine how emotional it must have been to say goodbye. I think it’s harder for us as parents than for the children in a way. They seem to bound with infinite enthusiasm into the next stage while we linger over the memories and the fact that they are growing up. Hope you all have a fantastic summer!

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