Firework Night 2015

We were planning on visiting a big firework display this year; in Nottingham there is one held at the same site they have the Goose fair and we haven’t visited it since time BC (Before Children). It has a fun fair, bonfire, a children’s firework display, a big display and mushy peas. We were really looking forward to it.

Unfortunately on Wednesday night Mouse was poorly with a high temperature, non of us slept well but we hoped for the best for the next evening. She woke up ok and went off to school, when I picked her up she wasn’t really herself, not poorly just very weepy and tired.

Add in the rain that was quite literally tipping in down and we weren’t sure the display was going to be a good idea. We all felt a bit disappointed so we came up with plan B!

The first part of the plan was to put on our pyjamas and chill out until daddy got home! Then we would cook burgers and mushy peas, put on our coats, buy propecia product vs finasteride online buy propecia, gloves and hats and head to the garden where we would eat said burgers and peas followed by sweets and cakes. Finally we would look out for fireworks and have our own sparklers and do you know what, we had a fantastic time. Both Monkey and Mouse really enjoyed it and there was no stress of getting to the display or whether Mouse would be too poorly and when the children got sleepy they were right near their beds.

Next year we are hoping to make a ‘real’ display, Mouse already has her Ear Muffs at the ready, but as a Plan B we loved our little garden burger party!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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  1. Wow, love the sparklers, haven’t had any for years! Not sure I’d trust my two with them yet! Sounds like a fun night!

  2. This is the first year in forever that we haven’t had our own garden party and have gone to an organised display, I’m happy for Farmer Nick not risking his life on the firework lightting but I do miss doing it at home. Sounds likeyour imprompu party led my Mouse was perfect and just what you all needed. I love your sparkler photos well done that must have taken a steady hand and a long exposure! Thank you for sharing your evening on Country Kids and I hope Mouse is feeling much better now.

  3. Sorry it didn’t turn out as planned but looks like you had fun anyway. We didn’t get to a display either this year with the bad weather.

    • Jo Hutchinson on November 26, 2015 at 15:55
    • Reply

    Wow really wonderful photos of the sparklers.

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