Fuzzikins Cozy Cats Review

The Monkey and the Mouse have been after a pet for months…..well years actually, so when I was given the chance to review the Cozy Cats Craft set I thought it would be perfect for them (maybe even satisfy the need for a pet?!).IMG_2745The box is very attractive and looks perfect for a gift or a treat, the monkey and mouse were very excited to open it; they could not wait to customise their own cats and cat’s beds! Within the box you will find – three plain white cats, three felt tips, three sets of beds to make up (each set contains the bed and decoration bits).  There is even a ‘practice your colouring’ bit on the box! IMG_2747Seeing the inside only excited the kids more, they wanted to get creating straight away. They chose a cat each and began to colour and build. The beds are made of felt and are relatively easy to assemble, there is a lolly stick to help you poke through the tabs to keep the bed together. This may be fiddley for little fingers, but Monkey managed it fine at 8 years old and Mouse at 6 years old only needed limited help. IMG_2749The cats themselves are soft to touch, almost a fleecy feel. You can use the felt tips to draw directly on them and make them your own. Ir goes on easily and once dry doesn’t come off. Monkey and Mouse enjoyed making their cat the way they wanted without too much instruction from the set itself.

They both took their time in getting their cats to be just the way they wanted, each talking it through with the other and pointing out the different accessories you get with each cat – they were both very impressed there was a cape for one of them! The decorations are lovely and include fish and hearts made from felt. The felt shapes are self adhesive so there is no worrying about messy glue. This is perfect for the children who don’t like getting glue on their fingers! IMG_2756I am very happy with the set, it kept the kids entertained for quite a while and they have played with the figures they have decorated after finishing the design.

Mouse says

“The set is great and I would like to have some dogs now”

Monkey’s verdict

“This is a box of awesome and I think our cats are sic”

(just to clarify that this Sic is not the poorly kind but the ‘Cool’ Kind)

There is another set of Fuzzikins – the Dozy Dogs and I can see that being on the list of things that Monkey and Mouse either want to save their money for or would like to add to the Christmas List. Would we buy it? Yes we would, it is a lovely set for crafting that is perfect for a gift, a treat or an everyday craft buy.

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