Get a Life!!

I am currently sat on a train, there is a small group of men on a table a few seats away, one in particular is talking very loud about this, that and everything!
I was ignoring the fact that he is loud,  trying hard not to listen to his holiday/the show/what he is having for tea bit. But one of the things he has said has made me want to write, has even made me a little bit angry, he  said that if people have time to do ‘a certain thing’ they should “get a f***ing life”.
Now on this occasion it wasn’t the swearing that got me, if I had my kids with me it may have been different, I would have glared even maybe said ‘nice!’ Or ‘thanks just what my under fives need to hear’ in an equally loud voice, but this was more about the fact that he was judging!
Probably doesn’t help that I do the thing he was talking about, I do it as a sign of acknowledgment, a nod of agreement, a ‘I don’t know what to say but want you to know I have seen it’ or simply because I like what someone has said, or shown or is about to do.
In itself it is a really small thing, It’s a way to connect, a way to keep long distant friends together and above all a bit of fun!
What gives him the right to make such a statement that loudly on a train, just because apparently it is something he doesn’t do?
The thing to make this gentleman say people should ‘get a life’  is ‘liking on Facebook’  – justified? What do you  think?

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