Guest Post – A move, a job and a ‘life test”

Today I am going to hand over to Jay (@tryingtobeamum) on Twitter) for a guest post!

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and it has been quite a roller-coaster ride, so many life changing things have happened (ignoring the biggest of those being that I am pregnant) in the last 7 months and lots of things have been quite inconvenient during the pregnancy.  I thought I would share some of those tales with you, all this to show it’s been a good job that the pregnancy itself has been really rather unremarkable!!

It starts with finding out I was pregnant.  Last year I was working full time for my church, I had gone to Bruge in Belgium for a two week mission trip, this was inconvenience number one.  Despite having planned to take a pregnancy test with me (we were actively trying after all) I discovered whilst packing that I didn’t have one at home like I thought, deciding that a late night trek to the shop (for a pregnancy test I didn’t even know if I needed) was not the order of the day, I instead stocked my bag with plenty of sanitary towels so I could deal with good Old Aunt Flo!  I wish I could tell you the hilarity of trying to explain my predicament to the pharmacist and then negotiating the pregnancy test for which the instructions were written in Dutch but I managed through with me “Life Test” and got the great news I had been waiting for! (And got to take all my sanitary towels home again!)

My job at the Church was only ever for a year and so before I had left for Belgium I had interviewed for a job as the only member of staff for a voluntary organisation, I would be doing all the administration if I got the job.  Saying yes to that job knowing I was pregnant was difficult for me to do, being such a small organisation I didn’t want to mess them around, but I knew that saying yes to any other job would be near impossible and so I took it.  I started when I was 8 weeks pregnant, although I hadn’t finished my other job yet.  A huge piece of advice to all out there, never work a full time job and a part time job together while dealing with your first trimester, I was constantly exhausted, when I got home in the evening I would just collapse on the sofa before being put to bed by my husband, we barely saw each other for the whole of trimester 1!

Life started to settle down a little, I started to think about decorating the baby’s room, friends started to gift things to us, we had our 12 week and 20 week scans and got told that everything was normal (a side story would be the miraculous nature of my husband and I having a “normal” baby, neither of us are particularly standard!!).  Imagine then my shock when just after our 20 week scan we find out that after 2 years of looking for a university based research job that my husband had finally been offered a job, it was a perfect job, apart from one tiny little issue.  It would mean moving 400 miles, from the North east of Scotland to the Midlands.  So at 22 weeks my time became spread between work (which I would need to quit) and appointments with removal men and estate agents.  At 24 weeks my life became all about packing my house into boxes and at 28 weeks we moved, to a place we knew no-one for my husband to start his job and for me to have a baby!

I am 32 weeks now, and we are settled into our new house (almost) and thanks to the church we have started attending we are quickly making friends.  We are adjusting to the subtle differences in antenatal care and we are getting our heads around the idea of this being home now.  However, for those of you who have just discovered you are pregnant, I wish you a much less eventful life than I have had!!


Thank you Jay and wishing you all the best with the imminent arrival of your little one! Keep up with Jay here

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