Happy Hand Review

As a Mum I am always looking for simple solutions to those everyday problems that pop up! Although we don’t have any doors that automatically shut I still worry about trapped fingers with a crawling baby trying to get in and out of rooms and a toddler obsessed with shutting doors, so when Simple Safety Solutions asked if I wanted to review the Happy Hand Door Stopper I jumped at the chance!

The first thing that struck me was how simple an idea it was, it is basically a plastic hand on a swivel sticky pad – You stick to the door and then it can be turned to allow the shutting of the door or stop it shutting to protect fingers!

So we stuck it to the door and let it do it’s job, and it did it very well.  The sticky pad is great and sticks hard, the hand doesn’t ping off anywhere when the door is pushed to, even when the toddler was roughly trying to shut the door it remained secure!

When the door is stopped from closing it leaves a decent enough gap to stop those fingers getting trapped (the whole point)

For such a simple idea it is fab and it doesn’t look awful stuck to your door – my son actually wants to high five it –  a fun piece of safety equipment that really works!

This stopper is still on our door and there it will stay protecting the fingers of the little ones (and us too!)

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