A speedy horse and a dashing dog – HABA

My HABA Ambassador box has been awesome, so I am happy to tell you a bit about the final two items from the goodies I have had!

The Speedy Horse is a wooden handheld rattling toy and the dashing dog is a fabric toy that you use the pull string on the back to send him dashing along – both are suitable from 10 Months up.

Speedy Horse is lovely, he is made from lovely wood, very smooth and no sharp edges or corners that could hurt, he has dangling legs and when you give him a shake he ‘rattles’ and makes a lovely sound. I love him!!

Mouse (1 year old) loves him too, she gives a big smile when she sees him. I think this is partly to do with the noise resembling the clip clopping of a horse – oh and of course the fact she loves being noisy!!

The Dashing Dog is cute, he is soft and brightly coloured, a very attractive toy for little ones! He is easy to use and is perfect for your own baby or a gift for someone else’s! The only slight downside is he works better on some surfaces than others (but that is kind of expected with this type of toys, they don’t always like carpets) and he doesn’t always go forwards, but spice is the variety of life!

Another two big thumbs up for HABA and their toys, please visit their website for more info on the toys or for stockists!

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