Interplay Triop World Review

This week we are mostly trying to grow pond monsters with ‘Nick Baker’s Triop World’ from Interplay UK; this set is great and gives you the chance to explore the world of nature in your own home. triop world

Triops (which are also known as Tadpole or Shield Shrimps) are creatures that biologists often call living fossils. They are amazing things that have survived a very many years by becoming masters of a habitat that is too tough for many  – they have seen the dinosaurs come and go! Their eggs can lay dormant for years and with a little bit of water they can be born again – springing to life.

triop setIn the set there is – instructions (always handy), the tank, detritus (dirt and eggs), sand, Triop food, spoon and pipette! The only thing extra you have to get is water, this needs to be either rain water or bottled spring water and should NOT be tap water. instructionThe kids were beyond excited to get going and see their own pets develop; the set is for 7 years old plus. Monkey is the perfect age at 8 and Mouse at 6 was happy to watch over the preparations and is very excited to see what the ‘things look like’!

We used bottled spring water from the shop, you top up the tank and then sprinkle the detritus in to the water, give it a stir and that is it – job done. finishNext comes the hardest part – we have to wait! Anyone who knows us will know that this is a small challenge for us, we are ok at waiting but for exciting things we want to see the magic…….now!!

However, saying that Monkey went to bed excited to see what will have happened tomorrow, we will have to wait a bit longer to see the Triops come to life but the journey is going to be exciting!

So far we are really impressed with the set; it is nicely boxed up (perfect box for contents, no excessive packaging that doesn’t need to be there), the instructions are clear and well explained and the kit is easy to use.

I am extra impressed at the history and information it gives you about the Triops and what they are, so much to learn for the children. It also mentions that there may be extra free pets in your set. Triops are not the only creatures that live in temporary pools and this means that the bag of eggs may contain surprises – fingers crossed here.

Keep your eye out for the follow-up posts with some picture of our guys when they hatch and tomorrow you will have the chance to win your own living world!

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  1. This is very interesting for children to learn about the nature! Great stuffs!

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