Kodak Kiosks – Calendars!

So the new year is nearly here, you have the wine in, the nibbles are bought and the guests are invited, but there is one thing you haven’t got yet…your 2013 calendar!

I have the answer!

Kodak Kiosks to the rescue again! You have seen how they can make cards, now see how to make a calendar!

It’s as simple as making Greeting Cards.  You can do it the ‘old fashioned’ easy way with an SD card slotted straight into the machine or you can be all advanced, you can use your Facebook login or your phone!

Theses machines are so up to date that you can use your android or your iPhone (or iPad) and connect wirelessly (using the Kodak Connect app) to the machine!


So you choose the calendar you want; size, choice of folds, design, monthly or annually.  You can even select which month you want it to start, meaning it doesn’t matter what time of year you’re making it!


We headed off to Marvellous Memories and used the Kodak Connect App to get going. The App, which is easy to use, connects wirelessly to the machine and it shows you your photos! Then you can drag your photos from the right hand side of the screen onto the design. Each photo can then be moved, zoomed and edited until you’re happy!

Go through the months and once you’re happy with the photos on each page you simply press done! You then take your receipt to the desk, pay and it isn’t long until you can have your calendar!

Another brilliant idea for a gift or for yourself! A calendar for the year, academic year or even from birthday to birthday! Select it, Design it and Love it!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post

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