Aug 07

Littlest Pet Shop – Little Pets, Big Adventures. Review and Competition

We haven’t watched the Littlest Pet Shop on TV before but Mouse was very excited when we were asked to have a look at the DVD and tell you what we think!image008


Mouse loves animals of all sorts so any programme that has them as a main feature will have a good chance to win her over, she watched the whole DVD in one (as did Monkey which surprised me!).

“Blythe Baxter and her dad Roger move into a new apartment in Downtown City above the Littlest Pet Shop. Remarkably Blythe discovers that can she can speak to the animals that live in the Pet Shop and beg her to help them save the Pet Shop from going out of business.

Blythe races against the clock to save the Pet Shop, not only for her new furry friends but also for the Pet Shop’s eccentric owner, Mrs. Twombly. Using her talents as a fashion designer Blythe organises a fashion show featuring the animals modelling her original designs”

Each episode is full of fun and keeps the attention of the little ones, in fact at one point I found myself deep in the episode! The animals within the programme are so cute and they each have an unique personality and Blyth is a lovely girl too. It is the kind of programme I am happy for Mouse to watch.

The added toy is fab and is certain to start a new collection within the house!  We will definitely be watching the Littlest Pet Shop on the TV in the future as Mouse says it is awesome!

If you would like the chance to win a copy of the DVD then enter via the gleam widget below and Good Luck!

Littlest Pet Shop – Little Pets, Big Adventures


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  1. Tracy K Nixon

    I’d love a chestnut pony!

  2. Angela McDonald

    I’d love a Basset Hound!

  3. Lynsey Buchanan

    I would love a dog but I am not at home enough to look after one properly

  4. Keith Hunt

    We are a family that always have Basset Hounds.

  5. Michelle Banks

    a meerkat lol

  6. katie skeoch

    A reindeer!!

  7. Paula Readings

    A magical unicorn

  8. Tanya Deliyska

    I’d love to have a baby sloth as a pet.

  9. bill norris

    A dragon…..he’d save me the airlines hassle.

  10. Ruth Harwood

    A Lemur

  11. claire woods


  12. Sarah A L

    A unicorn!

  13. Laura Pyper

    a hedgehog

  14. Becca Staples

    I’d like to own a tortoise x

  15. Irene Gilmour

    id love a wee pig but hubby wont let me

  16. janine atkin

    a pug, and i recently got one!!

  17. Mummy of Two + 1

    I would love a giraffe! They are one of my favourite animals and they would keep the trees in our gardens trimmed!

  18. Hayley

    I have my dream pets, my two cats, I love them to bits and wouldn’t be without them.

  19. Susan B

    I adore my cats but I’d love a little alpaca.

  20. Kerryanne Atkinson

    A cheeky Chimp!

  21. Donna Caldwell

    My dream pet would be a micro pig so cute

  22. Sheri Darby

    Actually the cat we have!

  23. Emma Whittaker

    I would love a Pug 🙂

  24. Claire Davies

    Barnacre Alpacas – so friendly 🙂

  25. Laura Pritchard

    A micropig

  26. emma kinsey

    a chimpanzee

  27. susan thornton

    I have cats but would love a Staffordshire bull terrier, can’t see my cats agreeing to that !

  28. Claire Ward

    I want a tortoise

  29. Natalie Crossan

    A Chimpanzee

  30. Kelly Hirst

    I’d love a fluffy white bunny rabbit!

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