Maclaren – Kid Testers Initial Thoughts

My two little ones (Legs and Mouse) have been chosen as official Maclaren Kid Testers, we were so excited and eagerly awaited the delivery of our parcel…then the snow took hold which delayed it a bit, but this just built up our excitement!

On Friday evening our parcel from Maclaren finally arrived, Legs saw the brown packaging and started jumping up and down – I hadn’t even told him what was in it, just a ‘surprise’, but that was enough for him! When the box of the toy that had been sent was revealed there was only one word that escaped his mouth ‘WOW’!

So what had we been sent……

For Legs we received the Maclaren Junior Techno xt pushchair. Our intial impressions are:

Me (Mummy): I loved the look of it and the dandelion design is soo cute

Legs: It it sure to say he liked it – couldn’t wait to be pushing it around

Daddy: Definitely a hit with the ease of putting it together, a couple of clicks and it was done!

Mouse was sent a lovely item from the ‘beginning……..’ range, a travel kit for baby, it contains seven trial size products (with lavender). Mouse couldn’t really tell me what her initial thoughts were being 8 months old, but I can tell you that on opening the box the smell was gorgeous, we can’t wait to try the products out!

Check back soon for the second stage of our journey!

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