Mi-Mic Review

If you had asked me a while ago if I would voluntarily introduce something that would make the children louder, let’s say something like a microphone into the house – I would have laughed my socks off.

However, it turns out that when you have a daughter who loves singing, a son who loves gadgets and parents who love to see them smile – you jump at the chance to introduce a microphone (a bluetooth microphone) to the home when offered one for review with a great big ‘YES!’

So, The Mi-Mic from Toyrific arrived and from the moment it did, it had us all excited, especially our little performer – Mouse!!Photo 31-10-2017, 20 55 35You can buy the microphone in three colours; Pink, Black or Silver. In the box you get the bluetooth Karaoke Microphone speaker with removable microphone stand, a USB charging lead and the instructions.

The Microphone is really easy to use; it runs on an internal battery that is easily charged vis the USB lead. You switch on the microphone by holding down the Power button, it is announced that the Mi-Mic is on, what is levitra pill online or generic vardenafil? https://levitraed.com/ levitra drug vs vardenafil online, pair with a bluetooth device (phone, tablet etc) and you are ready to go. Once I had paired the Mic with my device, it connected automatically next time we switched it on.

The linking by bluetooth allows you to play any song from your device through the Microphone speaker, so all you have to do is sing along!Photo 31-10-2017, 20 58 29There are several things you can do direct from the microphone. You can alter the volume, play and pause songs and even skip to the next or last song. We have had quite a bit of fun with the echo function – pretend to be real life pop stars and even the platform at the train station!

The LED lights are on the bottom, in a ring around the speaker and they really add something to the Mic. The lights can be off, on as one solid colour or flashing, they really add something.

This microphone is a whole Karaoke package – speaker, Mic and disco lights – it is brilliant! We have had loads of fun with it and when I say ‘we’ I do mean all of us! We have used it at home most evenings this week, Mouse has given of several different types of performance, we have sung together and we have even used it just as a speaker.

Last weekend we headed to friends for a bonfire night party, knowing there would be several kids we took the Mi-Mic with us and it went down a storm. It provided the entertainment and stopped people getting bored – My friend even did a song between courses at the dinner table which bought a smile!

Photo 31-10-2017, 20 58 13We love the Mi-Mic; I can see it being used here for a long time! I love that it isn’t too clunky, which means it is easy to move around (and take out and about with us) and easy to store.

The fact it is charged by a normal USB has meant that if we misplace the wire (which we may have done temporarily) we have plenty others from phones that are compatible.

I think this is a perfect gift for those who love to sing and can see it being on lots of lists for Christmas!!

You can find it available from several good toy shops, for more information visit Toyrific on their social media here – Facebook and Twitter

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