May 22

My Little Pony: Princess Twilight Sparkle Review and competition

My Little Pony is back on our TV with the latest DVD “My Little Pony: Princess Twilight Sparkle”.  The first volume of the fourth season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. This time Twilight Sparkle has fully transformed from student to princess, from library to castle, and is learning to lend a helping hoof to friends old and new.image011

We put this straight on when it arrived and it became a permanent fixture in the house! Monkey and Mouse couldn’t wait to se what adventures the Pony’s got up too and they were not disappointed!

The pony pals are travelling across Equestria encountering all kinds of exciting events including fantastical performances at the Summer Sun Celebration, mysterious royal disappearances and even more wild adventures. Every colt and filly in Ponyville is getting involved as these episodes debut on DVD.

Princess Twilight Sparkle has set out on an adventure to learn what it means to have true friendship. She looks to save Equestria from the attacks of a deadly plant, visits an abandoned castle with Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Rarity, and enjoys a whole host of escapades with the gang. Although Princess Twilight Sparkle is a natural born leader, when a bat infestation threatens Equestria, it is Fluttershy that is called in to save the day.image010Full of the adventure, fun and happiness you would expect from My Little Pony; this DVD is fantastic and certainly a must for any My Little Pony Fan! I can’t believe that My Little Pony is still going so strong, but I am so pleased it is – Mouse and I share a real love for it! She knows I loved them as a girl and it is something we bond over. The DVD is great for our ‘mummy and mouse’ time and we love watching it together, to be honest Monkey loves it too!

Do you want a chance to win a copy? Then just follow the widget below to be in with a chance. Good Luck!

My Little Pony: Princess Twilight Sparkle DVD


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  1. Angela Webster

    Friendship is magic because it cheers you up when you are feeling down and means you are never alone.

  2. michelle o'neill

    friendship is magic because you are always there for each other

  3. Ruth Harwood

    Friendship is magic because they are there through the bad times and the good and vice versa x

  4. Shalene Hodder

    Friendship is magic because if you are sad it makes you happy, makes you feel loved.

  5. ellen sturman

    friendship is magic because you always have someone to talk to

  6. iain maciver

    friendship is magic because being there for someone always

  7. Tracy K Nixon

    friendship is magic because it keeps you afloat


    As it helps you through the good and bad times in life x

  9. aj

    you can choose the special people that you want to share your friendship with.

  10. Susan B

    Friendship is magic because it sustains and enriches the soul.

  11. laura banks

    friendship is great as you always have someone to laugh with

  12. Kirsty Hosty

    Friendship is magic because it’s free, you get to find friends who truly love you for you and make you happy

  13. Zac Farley

    Friendship is what you give not what you get

  14. Jodie Harvey

    friendship is having someone who you can do and say anything with and never be judged, my best friend is the sister i never had

  15. Patricia Avery

    Friendship is magic because it has the feel good factor 🙂

  16. Angela Fitzjohn

    Friendship is magic as when life is hard, your friends are always there for you.

  17. amy bondoc

    its magic because you are not alone and always have someone to make you smile !

  18. Sadiyya maryam

    Friendship is magic because it gives you hope, love and belief.

  19. Jo Hutchinson

    Friendship is magic because it gives you wonderful times and memories to share together.

  20. alison fisher

    friendship is magic because its like a comfy old dressing gown, always there for you and comforting

  21. Sarah Wilson

    Friendship is magic because it makes you feel like you have someone there for you at all times 🙂

  22. Karolina Rozwarska

    Real friendship means no loneliness!

  23. Julie Henderson

    they can tell me when im doing wrong

  24. Jo Carroll

    Friendship is magic because it means you’ve found someone you can trust in completely, share your worries and your joy…it is a gift to be cherished and something you can truly believe in. x

  25. Jo Gibbons

    Friendship is magic as a good friend will always be their for you. By the way, why don’t little ponies have belly buttons? This has been a debate in my house……

  26. Sarah Wyatt

    It’s mysterious and it makes you happy!

  27. Becky Duffy

    Because true friendship cannot be bought and its something than can last a lifetime xx

  28. christine shelley

    Because you often phone each other up out of the blue at the same time

  29. Rich Tyler

    It helps you get through bad times & enjoy the good

  30. Cheryl Kemp

    Friendship is magic and without it the world would be an extremely sad place to be, it brings joy and laughter to all! 🙂

  31. Sarah Red

    Friendship is magic, its the only time you have someone to argue with, cry, laugh and share the most important parts of your life and still remain so close.

  32. Solange

    Friendship is magic because you will always have someone you can rely on.

  33. Rebecca Cusick

    Friendship is magic because friends will always pick you up when you need it!

  34. Jayne Kelsall

    because without it you would be very lonely .x

  35. janine atkin

    friendship is magic because they are the people you choose to have around

  36. Francesca Thorpe

    Friendship is magic because they help you through all the good times and the bad

  37. Sandy Smith

    Friendship is magic because bring there for someone when they need you is special.

  38. Emily

    Friendship warms your heart 🙂

  39. Elspeth MacMillan

    Friendship is magic because there is always someone to be there when you need them be it happy or sad times

  40. Claire Willmer

    Because friends are always there to support one another and to make each other laugh 🙂


    Friendship is magic because they are there when you need a hug ,coffee or to lift your spiritsxx true friends

  42. pixiewolfee

    Friendship is magic because I have grown men who watch my favourite cartoon with me to make me happy!

  43. ellie spider

    Friendship is magic because like magic there is no explanation for it – it makes you happy, it brings wonder and noone knows why different friendships just seem to work

  44. nicola james

    its magic because a true friend will always be there no matter what!!

  45. Emma

    It allows you to create amazing and lasting memories! 🙂

  46. Laura Findlay

    Friendship is magic because somebody is always there for you.

  47. Diana

    Because a good friend will always be there for you and will never judge 🙂

  48. Victoria Prince

    Friendship is magic because there is nothing like the relationship you have with a close friend 🙂 It’s very special, and having someone to share life with is essential

  49. Cassandra Mayers

    because it can make you so happy

  50. Beryl drake

    Friendship is magic because loyalty is magic

  51. Karl Borowy

    its fun and magical

  52. Vickie Jackson

    Friendship is magic because it means never having to face things alone and people supporting you 🙂

  53. Joanna Kasznicki

    you can always count on your friends

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