Review of Fairy Garden Magic Bean Pot

We are very happy to say that our inside garden is expanding, we have had another addition from the Fairy Garden range at interplay land in the house and we had lots of excitement when it did.Photo 19-02-2017, 15 38 26There are two different Magic Bean sets – Joy and Hope, both lovely!

We were lucky enough to be sent the Joy pack to have a look at and we are very happy, after all who doesn’t want more Joy in their life!

In the box there is the pot (measuring approximately 11111cm high), a sitting fairy, green spade, a perching bird and some seeds of Joy. Photo 19-02-2017, 15 45 42 (1)It is a simple (but fun) set to assemble.  All you need to add to it is some compost and you are ready to go. You start by popping some compost into the pot, then dig a small hole (with the provided spade) in the middle. Next, place the seed of Joy in the hole and cover with more compost. That’s it! You are ready to watch the journey of your plant.

The fairy can sit on the edge of the pot and watch over it for you and Mouse has used the spade and bird for decoration too. It is a lovely set and Mouse Says this

“I like that it is something I can do on my own and I don’t need much help, it is pretty and I really like it!”Photo 19-02-2017, 16 00 55

What I love about the Fairy Garden range is that it is so easy to do that Monkey and Mouse are able to play independently with very little guidance. It gives them a sense of satisfaction and responsibility. The final product looks pretty and I don’t mind having on my windowsill at all.

Mouse is taking the looking after it very seriously and she is loving the responsibility of having her own plant. Would definitely recommend you starting your own fairy garden!

Keep an eye on our Instagram for pictures as it grows! You can find out more about the Fairy Garden Range on You Tube HERE and you can buy from Amazon

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