Review – Tech Deck Finger Skateboards

You may recognise Tech Deck – the finger skateboards from 20 years ago; awesome mini versions of the real thing, controlled by your fingers and a whole load of fun!

The Good news is that they are still fab and the even better news (for us) is that we were asked to have a look at them and tell you about them. 30550783_10160327930090445_1106467590_oThe excitement in the house was massive when this awesome bundle arrived, and it wasn’t only the children that were raring to open and play. This is literally like Christmas to us

We were sent the Transforming SK8 Container (transforming Ramps!!), an SLS pro series Fun Box with Rail, a four pack of skateboards and a single pack from series 2.

The skateboards are great, proper little replicas of the real things; complete with wheels, trucks, picture underneath and the grip tape on top. The single pack came assembled and was ready to play with straight away. It came with extra wheels and the tool to change them.

The fours pack was more time consuming to set up but also more fun. You got one ready to go and three where you needed to add the grip tape, the trucks and the wheels using the provided screws and bolts (which are teeny weeny and easy to lose, so my tip is to do this somewhere you can see them well).30549979_10160327978530445_87748474_oMonkey and Mouse were capable of putting them together, they just needed a little help now and again. The ramp and rail were really easy to set up. For the rail there was just a couple of bits to slide together, for the container it was clip one lid on and it was ready to go.

They both loved checking to see whether their new boards were common, rare or ultra rare. This is a feature that makes them collectible and I can see the children saving their pennies to buy more to complete the set – obviously with their fingers crossed for the ultra rare ones each time.

Monkey and Mouse are loving playing with these, they give their own commentary to what is happening in their competitions between their skateboards. Monkey describes it as ‘awesome’ and says ‘I really like how the skateboards are like my real skateboard’.

The storage container transformable ramp is definitely a favourite; you can use it as a half-pipe or you can take the ramps out and attach to other parts to make a more varied ramp. It features skateboard stands and a grinding rail out to the side. Playing with it is fun and It then all packs away into itself, which as a mum I appreciate as it makes it easy to store when not being played with.


Both Monkey and Mouse have said that they would like to buy more ramps, rails and pipes to extend their skate park.

Things I love about this are; it’s a toy that can be played with alone or with others, it is a toy that can be fun for children and grown ups, they are sturdy and can be used for what they are meant to be used for and they are a lot of fun!

Tech Deck have a You Tube channel where you can see the skateboards in action and can pick up more idea of how to play!30784835_10160328271705445_366136352_n

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