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On Sunday I left my house with the family at 7.30am to spend time in a field watching some sweaty folk running!  It was the Robin Hood Half Marathon in Nottingham and it was great to go. I didn’t mind the showers of rain or the wind, it was so much fun to watch a whole variety of men, women, children and superheros running!

First we saw the mini marathon runners coming in some as young as three, schools, parents with buggies, all sorts running a 1.5 mile and loving it! It was inspiring, Legs and Mouse wanted to join in straight away – I am even tempted to do it next year (we will see)!

Then came the main event the Half Marathon, it was more special because three of the men in my life were running it! My lovely hubby, brother and brother in law put aside their fear of pain and ran the 13 and a bit miles for a great cause!

Even though between them there is a one dodgy knee, a bit of asthma, one just recovering from a chesty cough and a slight lack of training because of circumstance, each of them crossed the line and could still walk!

I am so proud of them all ! Well done guys, you are my heroes!

The cause they were running for is a local building project to us, something that is going to benefit the community!  The Hope Centre will be used by three charities to supply services to the young, old and the middle lot – so the whole community! If you wanted to add a £1 to the sponsorship we would be more than grateful (people think I am joking when I say a pound but I am not, it soon adds up if more than one person donates a £1!)  Donations are being accepted HERE

Thank you!

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