Oct 30

Scholl Foot Review and Giveaway

Today I am talking feet; feet are not my favourite topic but they are apart of life. I use mine daily – after a long day at work of walking to meetings and visits my feet often ache. I suffer from a bit of dry skin too! I was lucky to be sent some Scholl products to try.IMG_0678We were sent an Instant recovery cream, Gel Party Feet and some Fresh Step Shoe Spray.

The Instant recovery cream is amazing, I applied to some dry skin and my skin felt rehydrated straight away, the best thing about it though is that it smells nice. Not sure why but I expected it to smell medicinal, it smelt more like a lovely moisturiser. Another bonus is that it isn’t greasy at all. It goes on really nice. I am now going to use it daily to keep my feet silky smooth!IMG_0686

(Apologies for a picture of my foot!)

The Fresh Step Shoe Spray is a spray that eliminates shoe odour, it is really easy to use. Spray evenly into shoes and let dry before wearing! I decided to try it out on the scraggiest, smelliest shoes we have – the Monkey’s school shoes (the ones we are about to replace because the have been worn too long and are tatty and smelly!

So spray we did, we waited and I took a sniff – oh my the stench had gone and a nice smell had appeared in it’s place. I am very impressed with this and all of our summer shoes are going to be given a new lease of life!IMG_0700

Party Feet are literally cushions for your feet 0 have you ever heard of anything so amazing! So with the festive season upon us (I didn’t actually say the C word, but it is not that far away) I am sure you may be heading out and/or donning shoes you wouldn’t normally wear. You can pop the Party Feet Ultra thin into your shoes and the gel cushions the impact from the ground, saving the balls of your feet from pain!  How cool is that?!

I am impressed with the range and it will be my go to feet brand from now on!

Do you suffer from Dry Skin on Feet, Smelly Feet or have party feet? Well here is your chance to win the products I have tried out. Just follow the Gleam Widget below using as many entry options as you would like. Good Luck!

Scholl Foot Products


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  1. Tracey Peach

    My Feet are tiny only a size 3!

  2. Keri Jones

    I hate my feet! I had athletes foot when I was younger, dry & cracked heels now I’m an adult and they’re a bit pongy too! Thank you for the chance to improve my tootsies xx

  3. Tracy K Nixon

    My feet are a 5 1/2 and I struggle to find shoes that come in a size 5 1/2 as size 5s are usually too small and size 6s are usually too big!

  4. Paul Scotland

    I have a large width foot – size h so love to make my feet feel special

  5. Lindsey Stuart

    I have one foot slightly bigger than the other

  6. Carolyn Montgomery

    I have too much hard skin *yuk*

  7. Becca Staples

    My feet are a size 5 x

  8. Chris Andrews

    Leave a comment telling me something about your feet! . . . . l have a matching pair! They are very thin – they are the only bit of me that is

  9. laura banks

    my friends take the rip out of my feet cos they are a size 8 they say i have boats

  10. Judith Allen

    My feet get so icy at night and I have to put socks on. Then I over heat and have to take them off again.

  11. pete c

    I always try to keep them in good condition.

  12. Samantha Loughlin

    One of my feet is bigger then the other

  13. Michaela Hannah

    My feet get a lot of use because i work as a postie so this would be a really useful prize to win! thanks for the chance

  14. Jennifer Haden

    I wear a size 5 in the U.K. and a size 8 in the U.S.A.

  15. Ruth Harwood

    When I wear over 2 inch heels my feet hurt like the devil lol!!!

  16. Tracy Newton

    I have red nail polish on my toes

  17. Katie skeoch

    They’re too wide for pretty pointy shoes ?

  18. Lorraine mabbitt

    Ugly I hate my feet

  19. marion morgan

    good prezzie for christmas

  20. Margaret Clarkson

    They have some hard skin.

  21. maggie ali

    I am size 5.5 so finding the right shoes is a nightmare, size 5 is slightly too small and size six a bit too big 🙂

  22. Kathryn Davies

    I like to paint my toe nails in the summer or for parties

  23. Courtney kemal

    My heels are cracked. This would be ideal to win!

  24. Emma grantins

    Sooo need this..on my feet chasing my kids around! And wearing flip flops to much..hard skin..yuk!

  25. Hannah Wood

    They do get a little dry.

  26. Mary Chez

    My feet are a size 7

  27. Claire Toplis

    I’m a teaching assistant so I’m on my feet a lot

  28. Angela Paull

    There big ole size 8

  29. claire woods

    My feet get very dry..maybe it’s because I go swimming once a week

  30. Jo Hutchinson

    My left foot is bigger than my right.

  31. Amy Beckett

    I have a huge big toe

  32. Jenna Parrington

    The soles of my feet feel like elephant skin!

  33. Katie Walker

    I have really big feet for a girl a size 10 and my heels get so cracked and sore 🙁

  34. Hannah Ingham

    My left foot is longer and my right foot is wider!

  35. Michelle O'Neill

    i think my feet are quite big, they are size 7

  36. Kelly

    I wish I’d taken more care of my feet growing up!

  37. Ray Becker

    Hard on the heels

  38. Melanie Southey-Hill

    I hate my feet…..they are wide and my left foot is slightly bigger than my right. Shoe shopping is torture 🙂

  39. caroline walliss

    I hate the fact i get hard dry skin on my feet.x

  40. Fiona K

    I have large size 8 feet

  41. ashleigh allan

    i hate my feet!

  42. Emily Knight

    My feet are a weird shape – higher than normal – meaning that finding shoes can be a struggle!

  43. Susan Crosswaite

    One of my big toe nails has a huge ridge across it from where I dropped an MDF shelf on it a few years ago and it cut clean though the nail!

  44. Angie Hoggett

    I take a uk 9 for a woman and it can be so hard to find stylish shoes sometimes


    i hate feet!!!! i think i have really big, big toes 🙁

  46. Karen R

    I like my feet – even though they are short and fat 🙂

  47. Becky Yeomans

    Their Dry! haha 🙂

  48. Mike Gerrie

    I have Hard skin on my heels

  49. Kat Allinson

    My feet have gone really dry since being pregnant

  50. Diane Jackson

    My feet really ache when they get too hot, especially in boots

  51. Sarah Brokenshire

    They are super small xxx

  52. Alison Clark

    Im on my feet for many hours a day so need all the help they can get .

  53. Laura St

    My feet are messed up. I’ve bunions on both feet and they are constantly sore and it is impossible to find shoes that fit. I just want the surgery asap so I feel more comfortable.

    Laura x

  54. cheryl lovell

    My husband is mean to me and says that my feet look like claws because my toes are scrunched up from wearing silly shoes when I was younger!

  55. Sue Harrison

    I get very hard and dry skin on my heels


    I get really horrible dry skin on my feet and have to use lots of products.

  57. helen tovell

    I hate them

  58. Jo Jones

    Find I need to concentrate some TLC on my feet in the winter

  59. Jill Webb

    There not to bad

  60. BEC F

    I’ve got feet that are wide at the front but really narrow at the back – so finding slip on shoes that are fit properly is difficult

  61. Stephanie Whitehouse

    My daughter has been afraid of feet all her life. No idea why.

  62. Kristy Brown

    I find feet horrific – and I have one toe nail missing

  63. elaine stokes

    I went for an ultrasound scan on my feet and the person doing it said I had toe joints of an 80 year old!!!!! twice my age

  64. donna l jones

    i have lots of hard skin

  65. Sarah Mills

    I have big size 7’s

  66. Patricia Avery

    I always get hard and cracked heels in summer despite using lots of moisturiser 🙂

  67. Alison

    I have wide feet which makes it difficult to find shoes

  68. Maria Jane Knight

    I broke my big toe on the stair gate over a year ago and it still hurts!

  69. Barbara Handley

    My feet do not like shoes. It is too hard to find any comfortable ones.

  70. Gillian Hutchison

    my toes look like they are squashed up and I have a very high instep. My doctors even offered to arrange for me to see about having surgery to my feet to aid the situation!

  71. Sheri Darby

    My feet hate winter, they are only happy in summer sandals

  72. Nancy Bradford

    My feet always hurt in the winter and fell lovely when they are buried in the warm sand 🙂

  73. Diana

    Long toes!

  74. Jane Middleton

    Need wide fit on my shoes but am only size 4

  75. ellie spider

    When I was 13 I got a verruca – nothing would make it go away. By the time I was 16 all the paddy bits (ball of heel, and bit under toes) where completely covered in a mass of verruca’s nothing would get rid of them it was beyond disgusting and foul! Then I went to V Festival with my boyf. After a few bevvies on day one I lost my shoes and we didnt have enough money to go to town to buy any so my boyf made me a shoe from the empty of from the beer and a plastic carrier bag. I wore it on my foot all weekend and all through the journey home. When i got in I took it off and my foot looked foul so I soaked it in water and all the skin and verruca topping peeled off – underneath was silky smooth skin. I could see some tiny black dots so I got a needle and pulled each and everyone out. About a week later my foot was completely healed – no more verrucas – but I am now terrified of getting one again and am super careful about wearing swim shoes and stuff

  76. yvonne clark

    my feet are a big size 8

  77. Amanda noble

    My feet are lovely lol x

  78. antonia richardson

    My heels are very very dry

  79. Pat Healy

    My feet would love a treat

  80. Sharon L Johnson

    i love my feet but they are looking tired now 🙁

  81. Laura Pritchard

    I wore flip flops nearly constantly for a year in Australia & my feet spread and went up a size temporarily, from a 3 to a 4!

  82. Becky John

    I do look after my feet but cannot shift the hard skin off the side of my big toes!

  83. Kerry W

    I don’t like socks and prefer to go without shoes if possible!


    I have a lot of problems with my feet,i have to take medication because of swelling and pain because i am on my feet all day at work.A few foot treats would be great!

  85. Andrew reed

    Love to look after my feet.

  86. Deborah J

    My feet take a pounding daily at work and then in the evenings working out. they are in desperate need of TLC. my heels are cracked and despite many creams they remain the same


    I suffer from very dry skin on my feet.

  88. Emma

    Not my best feature.

  89. Gemma Cook

    My feet get so dry and this would be perfect! Fantastic giveaway! Thank you for the chance xxx

  90. Lyndsey Beckford

    I used to be a size 4 and now I’m a size 5

  91. Vickie Jackson

    I’ve broken my big toe 3 times :/

  92. Amy Jo McLellan

    My toes randomly lock and cross over at the most awkward times!

  93. Rich Tyler

    I’ve got size 11!

  94. Natalie Crossan

    long toes 🙁

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