Apr 09

Shouty Arthur – Book Review

Shouty Arthur is the first in a new picture book series featuring Arthur and his sister Edith. The story  follows Arthur and Edith learning about wildlife from Edith’s book and then deciding to go and find some.

The only problem is that Arthur is the loudest, shoutiest boy alive!SHouty

The book is the perfect size for sharing with siblings, we can snuggle up around it and the story is the kind that both Monkey and Mouse are happy to listen too! The words are lovely and not too complicated, the kind of words that Monkey is happy to give a go at reading too!

I love the illustrations in it; Edith and Arthur look like children that any child could relate too. The animals are fab too. There is an added bonus of a little game – Can you spot the ladybird throughout the book? The cute little ladybird features hidden on every page and your little ones will love to find her!

The story is based on the nature walks the the Author and Illustrator Angie Morgan used to take with her son. It is another great book to add to our ever building library of children’s books! The Monkey and the Mouse love to read and we believe it is an important part of fun and life! We are happy to read this book again and can’t wait for the next adventure when it is released in Spring 2015.

Thank you to Edgmont for sending us this book to review.


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  1. LauraCYMFT

    Sounds like a lovely book to read. We love books with things we have to look out for.

  2. Mummy of Two

    That sounds like a great book – and reminds me of a little boy I have too!

  3. Mary @over40andamumtoone

    Love the sound of this especially as we are always going on nature walks – lol

  4. Tracy Nixon

    Well written review thank you!

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