Oct 02

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday was a concept started by Mocha Beanie Mummy


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  1. Multiple Mummy

    I am trying to work it out but am somewhat confused? If it is a face and hat where are it’s eyes? 🙂

  2. Emily (@AMummyToo)

    Ummm, what is it?! 😀

  3. littlemouselilly

    You either love it or hate…and I love it.

  4. caughtwriting

    Certainly one to get you thinking!

  5. dogbombs

    Er, what?

    1. Kelly

      It’s my tribute to marmite!

  6. u_ni_k gifts (@u_ni_k)

    OK I love Marmite and I can see a jar from here… but it’s not the first thing that popped into my head when seeing this.
    Love some of your Silent Sunday pics… looks like your little lady and mine are similar ages. 🙂

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