May 10

Silent Sunday and #MySundayPhoto

IMAG1206 OneDad3Girls


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  1. TheBoyandMe

    Almost makes the rain look beautiful! Nice to see such fresh greenery in abundance isn’t it?

    Calling over from My Sunday Photo.

  2. Mummy Says

    I know the gardens love the rain but I’m ready for some sun now! X

  3. Leslie

    Look at that few. I love pics like these, so serene and natural. I bet it felt pretty good outside too.

  4. amanda walsh

    Lovely shot, sums up todays weather really!!
    Popping by from #MySundayPhoto Linky

  5. chantelle hazelden

    I love the water droplets shining against the green!!

  6. mummyshambles

    Captures the droplets on the leaves nicely. x

  7. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    SO FRESH!!!! I was thinking of this when its raining! Everything is nice to photograph after arain =) #mysundayphoto

  8. OneDad3Girls

    So much green, it looks so fresh and clean

    Thank you for linking up

  9. christine taylor

    I love this picture it’s very calming x

  10. ListeningMum

    Great picture and we sure have seen lots of rain this week.

  11. Kim Carberry

    Lovely photo!!

  12. Laura Alonso

    Gorgeous green greatness!

  13. Coombe Mill - Fiona

    Perfect leaves and beautiful rain drops.

  14. Louise Edwards

    beautiful, love it x

  15. Mummy of Two

    Such a lovely photo, shame about all this rain though!

  16. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    Blooming weather – driving me mad at the moment.

  17. Super Busy Mum {Debs}

    I love raindrops on things! Great photo. x

  18. DannyUK

    Looks so fresh!

  19. Emily

    I think the garden’s had more than enough watering now – time for the sun 😉 xx

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