Jul 29

Speedy Bin Game – Review and Competition

This week we have mostly been playing Speedy Bin! The Monkey and the Mouse were very excited when it arrived and they couldn’t wait to get stuck into playing!image

In the box there is the bin and the paper.  You have to construct the bin before you can play the game, but it is simple to put together.  The construction took us less than two minutes. Once built, the next step is to roll up all the paper into balls.  The you are ready to play! 13835597_10157272361830445_1170308620_oEach player takes their own colour of paper and the aim is to throw your paper into the bin. Speedy Bin runs on batteries and as the game is played he moves about the floor with his lid opening and closing. The end of the game is when the bin stops running around and the one who has managed to throw the most balls of paper into the bin is the winner.

The Monkey and the Mouse both love the game and want to play it over and over again. There has been no falling out over the rules or who has won, just a shout of ‘let’s play again’ when a game ends.

It is a great game, simple to play but so full of fun – it’s gets the kids running about and laughing (a lot). I found it fun to watch too, both of them trying to plan where the bin will go next but being too excited not to throw the balls of paper quickly.

I would recommend this game; it is aimed at ages 4 years up and I think it is brilliant for different aged children to be able to play together.  The only downside I have is that once built the bin doesn’t fit back into the box for storage…but all the paper fits in the bin so it becomes its own storage, so it is not really a problem.

I love that my two laugh so much whilst playing this and it is something that we can play too!

I am sure that you would like your own copy wouldn’t you? Well, the lovely people at IMC Toys are very kindly offering you a chance to win your own ‘Speedy Bin’.  All you have to do to be in with a chance of being the winner is follow the options on the Gleam widget below!

Good Luck!

Speedy Bin Game


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  1. Fiona Martin

    My kids help me be speedy, if they help we rush through the chores and my little boy thinks this game looks great fun would love to win!

  2. Kim Styles

    Loud fast housework music!!

  3. blogging mummy

    dance music

  4. Anthony Harrington

    drinking lots of coffee keeps me speedy, I need the caffeine!

  5. iain maciver

    the kids make me very speedy all the time

  6. janine atkin

    having something to lok foward to at the end. whilst cleaning i promise myself a cup of tea and time to sit and read. that makes me move faster!

  7. Tracy Nixon

    I’m speedy when it is raining or snowing outside and the dog needs to be taken for a walk – luckily she is speedy too as she hates getting wet!

  8. Ray Dodds

    A full English breakfast and a lovely relaxing shower does it for me

  9. Hayley F

    When my carers get me up. I have no choice but to get out of bed booo x

  10. laura banks

    lots of coffee

  11. Ruth Harwood

    I’m never speedy without some nice hot coffee down me, strong and milky!!

  12. Michelle Ptak

    Strong Coffee and having the music with a good beat!!

  13. Tracy Newton

    I am speedy on the walk home from dropping the kids off at school. I always have such a lot to do on a morning

  14. Sonia Cash

    Chocolate and a great cup of tea

  15. Jo Hutchinson

    A wasp chasing me would make me speedy.

  16. claire griffiths

    plenty of coffee or an energy drinks make me speedy

  17. Margaret Clarkson

    I’m not naturally speedy, I must admit, however I can usually be more speedy if there is a work deadline to meet.

  18. Chris Andrews

    What helps you be speedy . . . . arghh missing the last bus home or chasing after the grandsons

  19. Martina Pichova

    A good night sleep – doesn’t happen very often…

  20. Clare Hubbard

    Coffee 🙂

  21. Angela Webster

    The arrival of unexpected visitors make me speedy, cleaning the house in under 10 minutes !

  22. michelle o'neill

    my daughter and grandaughter x

  23. Kimberley Ryan

    My three little ones generally, but when I’m doing housework dance music helps ALOT

  24. Rachel Craig

    I was Speedy in my younger years :- Probably through Good Intentions. Caring and Helping others. Probably Adrenalin had me Speedy when needed. Now I think I’m in need of a Mobility Scooter to get on the go now without becoming stiff, exhausted etc. I like Speedy Bin, reminds me of Dusty Bin from 3-2-1 TV Show.

  25. Shalene Hodder

    I’m speedy when I put on some music and get the housework done, the livelier the music the faster I go.

  26. Michaela Hannah

    Having a few cups of coffee on a morning or getting a full nights sleep

  27. Maggie Ali

    In the morning….. coffee 🙂 during the day kids 🙂 we’re always rushing.

  28. Kerry Locke

    My kids help me to be speedy …. when you have children you find everything can be achieved super fast!

  29. Tracy Hanley

    My coffee in the morning and some good music

  30. Kirsty Hosty

    Music and lots of Tea, gives me the energy to gig about and crack on

  31. Chrissie Curtis

    A Huge mug of Sweet Tea and a Brisk Walk!

  32. Sheri Darby

    Fast rocking music and a nagging family always helps

  33. Danielle Cresswell

    A tenth month old that’s just learnt to crawl keeps me speedy lol xx

  34. Gill Mitchell

    Being under pressure helps me to be speedy! I get more done in the 10 mins before I have to leave to collect my son from school than I do in the entire afternoon!

  35. Kayleigh White

    Aside from slipping on the dogs leads and being dragged down the road, coffee keeps me speedy!

  36. Sadiyya maryam

    Bring prepared and organised in advance always helps as I have less to do and feel more relaxed. Though must admit this is an ongoing goal of mine!

  37. Christine Caple

    Having some good dance music on certainly helps

  38. Jessica Townley

    Listening to music always helps me do things quickly, that and a lot of coffee!

  39. Jo McPherson

    Some good music and cups of tea help me

  40. Kelly Hirst

    I’m much speedier if I’ve had my morning coffee & the kids are behaving


    A good night sleep, healthy eating & exercise.

  42. Victoria Prince

    Upbeat music helps me be speedier 🙂 and promising myself something I really want after I’ve finished whatever it is I’m doing definitely makes me speedier!

  43. Patricia Avery

    My zest for life keeps me speedy. I hate to waste a minute. 🙂

  44. Angela Treadway

    A dose of caffeine lol and putting the music on x

  45. Jayne Kelsall

    Being organised helps me to speed up, mind you having 4 kids to organise I need to be speedy .x

  46. kim neville

    With some dance music on helps me do my housework quickly

  47. Becky Yeomans

    A giant cup of coffee and music to do my house work! 😀

  48. Natalie Crossan

    I like listening to dance music to get my housework done quickly xx

  49. Adrian Bold

    Some Happy Trance music!

  50. tracy sinclair

    Lots of cups of coffee, especially first thing in a morning, not good really x

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