Spotty Party Bags – Review

If you saw my post earlier today about my two little ‘un’s birthday party you will have seen that I mentioned special party bags, well in fact they are ‘something special’ *ahem*!

We had a small family party, but I wanted to do little things that would make it special for the birthday Girl (daughter), Birthday Boy (son) and their 2 cousins! I was looking for party bags, but to be honest I am not a big fan of the plastic ‘traditional’ types, the ones that you fill will plastic stuff that breaks quickly and you feel like you are spending your money on filling your bin!

So I was keeping my eye out for some fabric ones, that would suit boys and girls and an age range of 1 – 5. At this point I must say ‘I love Twitter’, I have met some lovely people and found some awesome products.  One day chatting to Silver Birch Crafts on twitter we got on to party bags, and she offered to send me some to review! Perfect timing, and the best bit is they are unisex and lovely for the age range I needed!

You may notice the spotty pattern is similar to one from a certain TV show that is loved by many pre-school children, so when they were produced on the day, the children were VERY happy. My two especially who love the said TV show (aged 1 and 3) love their spotty bags and have used them lots already!

Now the bit for the parents, these bags are very well made, they are not going to fall apart and the opening/closing toggle is easy for the children to use (the one year not so much, but she prefers it to stay open anyway!). The spots are made out of lovely felt and hand sewn into place. They are a really good size and we put 3 lunchbox sized boxes of fruit, bubbles, a car (toy obviously) and sweets in them and there was room left!

Back to the more fun bit, the best thing about these bags is that they do not become redundant after the party, the children here liked it more than the contents, the 5 year old asked me ‘are we REALLY allowed to keep the bag – is it mine?’. My two have been playing with them since Saturday, in fact last night Legs decided it was his new Zingzillas bag where he would keep his Pansy, Tang and microphone, and today when he had a nap – he had to take it to his room with him so it was there for when he woke up!

I would give a massive 10 out of 10 for these and I am just working out how to acquire one off the kids to use at  work! We keep thinking of new uses all the time, today we thought it was perfect if you were just popping to the shops and didn’t want to take a full changing bag, you could pop in a nappy, a small pack of wipes and off you go!

Definitely a great buy!

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    • BootiesByDannie on March 30, 2011 at 19:48
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    Oh, what a great idea. I love how they are reusable!

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