Stamping my feet

Tonight I feel like stamping my feet, screaming and crying very loudly. Sometimes being a mum just isn’t fair. I don’t want to miss out, not be there, be too tired or have to work! It is just not fair!

Tonight I am sad, heartbroken in fact because I feel like I am missing something big.. My son has a thing on at school tomorrow and I can’t go because of I am at work!

It doesn’t help that school has probably been saying ‘mummies and daddies are coming’, He even looked at me tonight and said ‘what? Are you not coming?’ I couldn’t hold back the tears and neither could here, we hugged – tightly!

Now the thing he has on isn’t important in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t a sports day, it’s not a play, but its a thing, his thing and right now it is important to him!

Why is it unfair, I am willing to work and I work hard! I try my hardest to be flexible and always try to cover sessions, help where I can and be a generally good colleague, but because of the times, it is really difficult to get an hour off to do something in the middle of my hours!

So I am going to stamp my feet and shout ‘it’s not fair’!

How do I explain to a three year old that, although to me work will never be more important than him or his sister, sometimes work will win!?


    • waterbirthplease on February 2, 2012 at 21:18
    • Reply

    Aw hon. I feel for you, and for him. I remember my Mum not coming to an assembly to see me play the piano. (Don’t worry – I forgave her!)

    Is there someone else who can go instead? A grandparent or aunty/uncle?

      • Kelly on February 2, 2012 at 21:25
      • Reply

      Daddy and little sis are going, he was just so upset when he realised I wouldn’t be! šŸ™

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