Stretchkins Review

A few weeks ago if you had asked me if my children would have been interested in a toy that encourages them to move (that’s not a football), I would have met you with a resounding ‘No’. If you had asked me whether I would like Monkey and Mouse to have anymore soft toys I would probably have said no too!

Enter the Stretchkins….IMG_20140906_123132The stretchkins are the ultimate in the cuddly toy. Available in four character designs (Frog, Dog, Unicorn or Elephant) there is one to suit any child.

On the hands and feet of the Stretchkin there is elastic so they can be attached to the hands and feet.  This goes on to encourage your little one to dance, wiggle, jump and Stretch and the toy moves along with them. IMG_1951We were sent two to give a test drive!  Mouse and her ‘Douglas the Dog’ and Monkey and his ‘Ribberty the frog’ have entertained us for hours (so much so that it has been difficult to take pictures and they can’t stay still with them!). We have had exercise classes, dancing shows and just run jump and move like a crazy person.IMG_1919Both Monkey and Mouse love their new friends, they slip them on and pretend that the toys are leading them about, they compete to see how far they can stretch them (and from mummy’s point of view they are durable so won’t snap when stretched really far) and when they are sleepy they snuggle with them.IMG_1941The Stretchkins are really well made and are so cute! So do I want more cuddly toys in the house – if it is these ones, yes I do! Will the Monkey and Mouse go for a toy that encourages them to move……well, surprisingly yes and they will LOVE it! I would definitely recommend these for all children and with the ‘C’ word coming up, they are great gifts too!

The RRP os £19.99 which is great value for the hours of fun they provide and they are available at Argos, Amazon and Smyths.



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  1. Oh wow these look fab!! I wouldn’t want my two to have any more cuddly toys in the house, but for these I’d make an exception!!

  2. That is so interesting! Love it! They look so cute and stretchy!

  3. I’ve never seen anything like these before, they look like great fun.

  4. I love them! They look like so much fun! Do they make them for adults?! Thanks for linking up to #Playtime

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