After spending over three years, either pregnant, breastfeeding, post pregnancy or eating through the exhaustion I thought it was time to get some of ‘me’ back.  It was a three point plan 1. Start Exercising to loose the last of the baby (ahem chocolate) weight. 2. Sort out my wardrobe, getting rid of anything maternity, baggy or too comfy and 3. Spend some time doing things I enjoy!

I nearly became unstuck at point 1 when I realised I really don’t like exercise!  Thankfully, exercise in the house away from prying eyes with the support of hubby (who loves exercise) isn’t too bad, so I set up a fitness programme on the Wii game ‘The Biggest Loser’

I got stuck in and *shhh* actually found myself enjoying it! There was only one problem I always forgot to sort out a glass of water first, so being a bit cheeky, I asked Swiggies UK (makers of a new water bottle for the 21st Century) if they would like to send me a couple to review and was delighted when they said yes!

So how did we get on…

The Swiggie is a small handsfree water bottle, you simply fill it with water, pop it on your wrist and then it is there for when you need it! I tried it out during one of my exercise routines on the Wii. I have to say it was fantastic to have water on hand (literally) without having to stop the routine, the bottle did drip a little when I was doing exercises laid on the floor, but the packet had come with two extra washers to use in the event of this and that sorted it out!

Next came the turn of hubby, he was going out for a run, so as this is what the Swiggie was originally made for decided to give it a go. He didn’t like the feel of it on the outside of his arm, so wore it on the inside and off he went. He returned later, redder and sweatier with his verdict….It was lightweight and stayed secure, and it was really good to not have to carry a water bottle in hand or pocket. Although it felt a bit funny wearing it, it is probably because of not being used to it rather than it being uncomfortable! The only downside was that it didn’t hold enough water for his run, he would need one on each arm for his longer runs!

They are fab little bottles, perfect for making sure you have water on hand!

My Children love them too, the Monkey (2.5 yr old) is very good at drinking water, juice or milk when we are in the house, but when out of the house it is more difficult to remember to have a drink. He loves the Swiggie – it’s such a novelty – and it makes him drink as he thinks it’s a fun game! The Mouse (10 months) also found she knew just what to do with it too, so cute!

Thumbs up for the Swiggie from us, as a mum I love things which are multi-function and this fits the bill!!


    • mary cawley on January 26, 2011 at 20:53
    • Reply

    can u use them for vino?? x x

    • Kelly on January 27, 2011 at 11:54
    • Reply

    I am sure they will hold any liquid!

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