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Photo of The Week

We have had a great week this week with two birthdays! The guitar is actually Monkey’s pressie from grandparents but he happily shares with Mouse.  I see a musical future for them both (although I think Mouse will be a drummer!). I love this photo!

Kodak Kiosks – Greetings Cards!

Last week I told you that I was heading to Marvellous Memories to use the Kodak Kiosk machine to make some Exciting Memories! Well this is the first post where I tell you all about it! So imagine this; it is close to Christmas (well it is you know!) and you remember you have missed …

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Today I am mostly…..

I am feeling rather strange today, very up and down and quite emotional! We are now in the middle of March and I feel the next couple of weeks are going to be hard ones! Next week we are celebrating two birthdays in the house, Legs will turn three on Wednesday and Mouse 1 on …

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