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Feb 19

Writer’s Block

The blog has been quiet recently and over the last few months I know my posts have been sporadic. Unfortunately something happened in the real world that had an impact on our lives and my mind….this led to blogger’s block. Bloggers block that has meant many a times I have sat and not know what …

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Jul 04

My Britmums Live 2015 Post

I know you may have read lots of posts about Britmums Live, so I decided that I wouldn’t put too many words in mine, instead I have put together my photos in a short video. What I will say is Britmums Live 2015 was one of the best, it included laughter, crying, wine, fun, brands, …

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Jul 06

The Brands I saw at #Britmumslive

A couple of weekends ago I headed to London with many other bloggers for Britmums Live. When I say many others, I believe that equates approximately 700! It was a great weekend, I spent time with friends, ┬álearnt about social media, found out about new products and services and to be honest just had a …

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Jun 22

Sunday Photo

Mar 22

Blog your heart out

The lovely Lauren over at Life of Miley to complete the ‘Blog your heart’ Meme. This gives me a chance to tell you a bit more about me and blogging; all I have to do is answer 5 questions. 1. Who/what encouraged you to start blogging? I very first set up a blog because I …

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Feb 24

Fun at #MidsBlogMeet

What did you do on Saturday? I started the day in my usual way with a spot of volunteering. But, what I did next is not something I do every week, although maybe I should do! I headed into the centre of Nottingham to meet up with some other bloggers for the #MidsBlogMeet. The meet …

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Feb 06

What’s the story?

Back in the year 2005, the husband (or boyfriend as he was at the time) and I went on a trip with his work. We travelled to London then to Dover! Each stage required him to fulfil his role and gave me a chance to see some sights! Once he had finished in Dover we …

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Sep 17

Tots100 Blog Summit

On Saturday I had a great day, I headed for Manchester with Jo from Listening through the forest. We headed off nice and early (well I am not sure about the nice!) and got on three trains to Manchester to join 75 other bloggers for a day learning tips, sharing food and generally having fun! …

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Jun 23

The Britmum’s Live Post

I am ┬ásat on the floor in the train station, shattered, with lots of bags including one which is wet and lots of information. I have just left the Britmums Live conference, well an hour ago, I have navigated the tube and now I am willing the train to be here soon so I can …

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Jan 04

The One about New Year

So as a blogger you have the great opportunity to write a post at New Year looking back on the year gone by and looking forward to the year to come! So here is my such post about last year! 2011 What did you bring? Well we started the year with a 9 month old …

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