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The Cybermummy Post!

Lots of people have done their Cybermummy Posts, so here is mine! I was sponsored by the wonderful BuggyTug to attend Cybermummy and I am so grateful for the support that I was more than happy to wave the BuggyTug flag, of course it helped that it is a fab product that I like! I …

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….Loves Buggy Tug

I was flicking through the latest issue of my Prima Baby and Pregnancy magazine and saw my lovely Cybermummy Sponsor. PB loves Buggy Tug and so do I!    

Cybermummy Meet and Greet!

Carly over at Mummy Shoes is hosting a Meet and Greet for Cybermummy, I think it is a great idea so here is me! I am going to Cybermummy sponsored by Buggytug Name: Kelly (Kel) Brett Blog: Writings, Ramblings and Reviews ( and Piddley Pix – The Blog ) Twitter ID: @MoolBoots Height: 5ft 2 …

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Cybermummy Sponsor

You may have seen that I was looking for someone to sponsor me to go to Cybermummy (Parent bloggers Conference). I really wanted to go and knew that I really wanted to work with a company whose product complimented my life as a mummy and my blog. I was over the moon when I got …

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