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Silent Sunday

Maclaren – Final Round Up!

We are coming to the end of our ‘test period’ with our Maclaren products, so here we are to wrap up with a final round up of what we think. Maclaren Junior Techno xt The toddler (Legs) was lucky enough to receive this pushchair, and as soon as it arrived he loved it, there were …

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Book Review – Ping and Pong

My son (2.5 year old Legs) LOVES books, he has done from a very young age, when he was just months old he would get a book and turn the pages looking intently at the pictures, books have also been a very big part of the bedtime routine with him, so when I saw reviewers …

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Please help me with Fundraising

Many of you know I am a mum to two little darlings, what many of you won’t know is I am on the Parent Committee for a local Charity Playgroup! Legs (my 2.5 yr old) goes to Sherwood Playgroup It is a lovely group and has really benefitted him in a variety of ways and …

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Sod’s Law!

When you are a parent some things happen that can only be described as Sod’s Law, so here is a short list of Mummy and Daddy annoyances! Children only get really ill when the doctors is shut! A child who normally sleeps through anything will wake at the sound of the second child crying in …

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