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Confessions of a Summer Parent – #TheGoodStuff

There is no denying that the summer can be a challenge; six long weeks of a school holiday to entertain children who are used to having something to do constantly for at least 6 hours each day. To add to that you still have to do real life; your job, housework, shopping, visiting, preparing, looking …

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#MilkDrinkersMilk Challenge with Cravendale

Milk is something that is always available in our house, if we ever run out there is all out mayhem – Daddy fret’s about his tea, Mouse about her cereal and Monkey just because it is milk. It must be in the genes somewhere; when I was pregnant with Monkey Milk is what I craved. …

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How would I spend 20K? #Spend20K

  We have all played the game, at work, at home, even in the pub – What would you spend it on if you won the lottery? Well Britmums have asked just that too, they want to know what people would spend £20,000 on. I love dreaming about what we as a family could have …

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