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My Sunday photo

The Space Centre with Lego Galaxy Squad

We love spending time as a family, especially when we get to do something special. When we were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the new Galaxy Squad lego, we quite literally could not wait! So, last Saturday we headed down the country to The National Space Centre in Leicester. We were …

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Half Term Fun

So half term was a week ago, seems like forever! Unfortunately for us it was not all good, there was illness amongst other bad stuff. So to help me, I thought I would write about a particularly lovely day we had! We had planned from the beginning that the Thursday of Half Term was going …

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May the Fourth be with you….

Yes, I know that title makes me a complete Geek but I don’t mind. I am considered by many people I know to be a bit geeky anyway, I love¬†twitter, my laptop is like my third arm and get a little excited by itechnology, the Chuck TV Series, cameras and Star Wars!! So, how did …

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