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Mar 30

Birthdays and Birthday Cake!

The end of March is a busy time for celebrations for us; we have birthdays, anniversaries and to throw in the mix a retirement this year! So over the last week both Monkey and Mouse have become a year older. Mouse is now 6 and is growing into one amazing little lady; after the massive …

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Feb 07

My Sunday Photo

Jul 24

Growing Sunflowers

Just after Mouse was born, Monkey planted a tomato seed; he loved it, watered it, watched it and even talked to it. The plant grew and tomatoes started to form. There was an unfortunate snail attack on the plant and most tomatoes did not survive; but only a few weeks later we had something – one …

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Jul 17

Reading with friends!

As you may have gathered we really do love reading! It is a passion that all four of us share and something we do nearly everyday. Monkey and Mouse have been brought up from birth with books, Monkey had them read to him before he was on solid food and we loved to see him …

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Jul 16

Adults should say ‘Sorry’!

Something has happened this week that I can’t talk about but it is something that has really upset me; on picking me up from work the other day Monkey asked me if I was ok, he knew that I wasn’t.  Monkey is a very sensitive little soul and if there is something up he picks …

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Jul 02

Alphabet Photo – Young

I have been looking through some old photos, I love all the memories int hem and find the physical photo so emotive. The ones I have been looking through are some from my childhood and some from my mums. In some I had to take a second look because we look very similar. As going through …

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Mar 30

Birthdays and Birthday Cakes.

We have a busy time at the end of March that includes two birthdays and an anniversary on . We got Married in March 2007 and Monkey was born 8 dyas before our first anniversary. When I was pregnant with Mouse we were given the due date of 22nd March 2010 – the day before Monkey’s …

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Feb 24

Waiting ………

I am a massive fan of Dr Suess and his books, well actually the whole family is, Monkey’s favourite book when he was two years old was Cat in the Hat, much to the dismay of our friends who couldn’t make sense of it and got their tongues twisted when trying to read it to …

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Nov 06

Without a School Place

The October half term has been and gone, I really didn’t think I would be writing another post on this, I thought by now it would have changed and I would have written a ‘Hip Hip Hooray’ post about it instead. But here we are heading into mid November and Mouse is still not in …

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Oct 20

Readyroom Wall Stickers Review

The Monkey and the Mouse love putting things on their bedroom walls, they are currently covered in posters, tickets, drawings, photos and bunting. As they are getting older they seem to want to put up more and more. They don’t just want anything up there….they want Murals, wall stickers and art. Oh, and don’t forget …

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