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Being in a relationship can save you money!

On the 31st March it will be our wedding anniversary, we will have been married for seven years. I love being married; having someone to make decisions with, someone to curl up with on a cold evening and just generally being ‘in it together’! But did you know that being in a relationship can save …

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Am I a Dummy?

After our recent news about our Tax Credits, I went into a very slight but significant panic – what we going to do? how we going to afford school uniform/Trip to see my dad/food? What ARE we going to do??? Firstly let me set the record straight, I am in no way driven by money, …

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The one that is a Rant

This morning I have found my voice, unfortunately it is my ranty voice! This morning we received our letters from Tax Credits, the one that tells us what our final award is for last year and the one that tells us what we get this year or in our case the one that tells us …

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