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Jul 09

I found a lump

This was a post I wrote a while ago but didn’t publish at the time, I wrote it as a therapeutic post, just to get the words out of my head! At the bottom I have updated it with what happened next. It is a few days after Christmas day and I am shattered, we have …

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Nov 16

Sunday Photo

Aug 06

#Alphabetphoto M is for…..

Linking up to Podcast’s Alphabet Photo, I thought I would go for M is for Mummy.  Why? Well, being a mummy is such a big part of my life. The other day Mouse asked me if I had another name than ‘mummy’. When I told her yes and reminded her what it was, she said …

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Jul 05

Sunday Photo

Jan 20

Persil Warm Spice Washing Up Liquid – Review

January is always a bit of a blue month; Christmas and New year have gone, money is low because of the festivities and most have to return to the hum drum of ‘real life’! I love Christmas and really miss it when it is over. Actually I will do things to try and pro-long the …

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Jun 23

The Britmum’s Live Post

I am  sat on the floor in the train station, shattered, with lots of bags including one which is wet and lots of information. I have just left the Britmums Live conference, well an hour ago, I have navigated the tube and now I am willing the train to be here soon so I can …

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Jun 13

Cervical Screening Awareness Week 2013

This post may be a little ‘Too Much Information’ for some, but as this week is Cervical Screening Awareness week, I feel that I should write something on the subject. So ladies, have you been to your screening? Do you always go? I am proud to say I always go for mine, I never miss …

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Apr 21

Photo of the Week!

It may have been someones birthday this weekend, someone who doesn’t like big fusses or even really acknowledging that it is happening! But on this particular birthday this year, someone may have had an awesome time, may have even enjoyed it! (Don’t worry there will be a bigger blog post about the awesomeness!). Just thought …

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Apr 15

‘Wet February’ – BRITA Hydration Challenge Update!

Do you remember when I posted my ‘Wet February’ Post? Remember how I took up the challenge to drink the recommended amount of water? Well, this is the post that tells you how it went! So, Brita sent me over a Marella Filter Jug to use at home and a Fill & Go bottle for …

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Feb 17

‘Wet February’ – BRITA Hydration Challenge

February is that month that people tend to lose sight of their healthy New Years Resolutions, hide away from the cold wintery feeling that comes just before spring and use comfort food as the only way forward! Add to this the fact that I came down hard with the flu this week and it is …

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