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Feb 25

Review of Fairy Flowerpot

Both Monkey and Mouse love the outdoors and nature but recently we have not had as much opportunity to get out and about as we normally would like. A perfect time I think to give the ‘Fairy Flowerpot’ from Interplay a test run! Within the set you get the flowerpot and the fairy, along with a …

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Jun 05

Interplay Triop World Review

This week we are mostly trying to grow pond monsters with ‘Nick Baker’s Triop World’ from Interplay UK; this set is great and gives you the chance to explore the world of nature in your own home.  Triops (which are also known as Tadpole or Shield Shrimps) are creatures that biologists often call living fossils. They …

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Nov 04

Alphabet Photo

Time for the seventh letter of the alphabet; I really love to look through my old photos and the Alphabet Photo Linky lets me look through old ones regularly and that is only one of the reasons I love joining in! So this week I have decided to share three photos, all taken at a …

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Oct 06

Alphabet Photo

I like photos that are taken from interesting angles, that are a little closer than you would usually look or that leave you wondering what the subject is. My father in Law prefers photos that show you exactly what the topic is and he likes them to be sat appropriately into three thirds of the …

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Sep 26

Countryside in the City

It is surprising what you find amongst the houses. We have lived here now for seven months and we are still discovering things that we didn’t know were there. The in-laws visited last weekend and we decided to go for a walk to blow off the cobwebs and get rid of some cabin fever. We …

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Sep 23

Autumn Crafts with Baker Ross

Baker Ross have such a wide range of crafts, there really are some for every season! Now the nights are drawing in and the kids want to be inside in the warm a bit more, there are some perfect crafts for the Autumn and we were sent some to take a look at! What better …

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Jun 07

Sunday Photo

May 29

Alphabet Photo – T

Living in Nottingham you see beautiful sight every day, there is so much to see – architecture, greenery and of course the rather large river that runs through it. Not that far from us is a place that is fab for walking, playing, relaxing and for generally spending time together!  When it is sunny the …

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May 16

Country Kids

Monkey and I had some Mummy/Son time this afternoon as Mouse was at a birthday party and Daddy was out too. We decided to go on a bit of an adventure and explore the area around our house. Just up the house and off a fairly busy road we came across a nature reserve. We …

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May 12

Alphabet Photo

This week is the turn of Q for the Alphabet Photo Linky hosted by the wonderful PODCast. Back in the BC days (Before Children) in fact BM (Before Marriage), the now hubby and I took a two camping trip. We didn’t have a plan apart from pack the car, drive and camp. We ended up …

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