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April (Nearly) Book Competition – Peppa Pig

Ok so I didn’t quite make running the book competition in April, so to make up for that there are two books on offer. One is a Peppa Pig story book  ‘School Bus Trip’ and the other is an activity book  ‘Peppa’s Playtime’ which includes dot-to-dots and doodles!  The first book feature a typically great …

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Penwizard Peppa and Me Review

When Monkey was 21 months old we got him a personalised story for Christmas, it is a lovely book with his name and a couple of other identifying features in it, he loves and since Mouse arrived with us, we have been saying that we should get her something similar. That is where Penwizard have …

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The one about chicken pox!

It’s one of those things that you expect to happen to you children, almost wait for it to happen, but when it does, it is worse than you thought! Chicken pox! Two weeks ago Legs came out with a couple of spots, we went through the ‘could they be, are they, aren’t they?’ talks, when …

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