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Jan 05

A Backwards Look!

As we enter a new year I thought I best do a quick round up of 2010! It all started back in January, as all years do – I was pregnant and working full time, we also had a near two year old and life was busy (although the year got busier……) here is a …

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Dec 08

Guest Post – A move, a job and a ‘life test”

Today I am going to hand over to Jay (@tryingtobeamum) on Twitter) for a guest post! I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and it has been quite a roller-coaster ride, so many life changing things have happened (ignoring the biggest of those being that I am pregnant) in the last 7 months and lots of …

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Apr 07

Phew – Busy, Busy!!

Looking back over the last two and a bit weeks, there’s no wonder I’m tired! Here’s a brief diary of what’s happened! 22nd March – Due Date for the arrival of our 2nd bundle of joy, no movement, so on with the prep for 1st child’s birthday tomorrow! 23rd March – A second birthday! Lots …

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Mar 25

POEM – Overdue

Overdue Why doesn’t my body know what to do It’s done it before, you are number two Waiting is hurting in more than one way My body’s tired, my mind’s not okay You should have arrived, your due date has gone I feel strange, but the signs are none Can’t wait to meet you and …

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Mar 22

D Day!

Well today is D-Day and by that I mean Due Date! Yep my second bundle of joy is due today – so far…..nothing! In the middle of last week I had a hospital check-up and after a lovely ‘sweep’ I saw hope, but nothing happened and now all pain seems to have gone and there …

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Mar 13

Been a while……

………since my last post, but every second has been filled with sorting, toddler, pregnancy, seeing friends before baby arrives and illness! Unfortunately I have been a bit poorly with various bugs going round, but I seem to be on the mend and with my due date fast approaching I am looking forward to try and …

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