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Jun 13

Spinmaster Air Hogs Jet Rocket Review

We are always on the look out for things that the whole family can enjoy – no matter what their age. We had a weekend recently where we were getting together with my mum and her husband, my brother and our nephew; add in the four of us and you get a right group of mixed …

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May 26

A trip to Birmingham and Hatchimal CollEGGtibles

We are looking forward to spending a nice weekend as a family, ending with a Bank Holiday Monday. Whilst we plan what to do, it has me looking back to the Bank Holiday at the beginning of the month. It was an early morning as we packed the car with coats and sweets and we set …

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Jul 29

Speedy Bin Game – Review and Competition

This week we have mostly been playing Speedy Bin! The Monkey and the Mouse were very excited when it arrived and they couldn’t wait to get stuck into playing! In the box there is the bin and the paper.  You have to construct the bin before you can play the game, but it is simple to put together. …

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Sep 16

Transformers Prime Season Three: Beasthunters – Predacons Rising – Review and Competition

It is time to embark on more epic adventures from Hasbro Studios as Transformers Prime Season Three: Beasthunters – Predacons Rising was released on DVD and Digital HD on 14th September! We are massive Transformers fans in this house; all of us from the youngest to the oldest….. so you can imagine the excitement when …

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May 09

Country Kids

We have seen a change in the weather and we are liking it. We love the sun and love being out in it. The Monkey and the Mouse are both lovers of the outdoors, but one day they couldn’t decide whether they wanted to go out in the garden or whether they wanted to stay …

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May 03

Sunday Photo

Oct 08

Stretchkins Review

A few weeks ago if you had asked me if my children would have been interested in a toy that encourages them to move (that’s not a football), I would have met you with a resounding ‘No’. If you had asked me whether I would like Monkey and Mouse to have anymore soft toys I …

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Apr 24

I am a Toys R Us Toyologist

 You may have noticed the nice new shiny page on the side of the blog, yep this oneWe are really pleased to be able to have this badge and be apart of the Toys R Us Toyologist team and we can’t wait to start testing for them and share the reviews with you, so keep …

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Aug 06

Learning Resources Tugboat Review

My children love their bath time, it’s not only a time to get clean, but also a time to have fun and even  a time to learn sometimes too! The toys we have for the bath are limited to stuff we have had a while and really need to be replaced! So, when Learning Resources …

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Aug 02

Bubble Guppies – Review

So What time is it?  If you are a fan of the show (or have little ones that are) you will know this line! Recently when Monkey was poorly, in the midst of his ‘middle of the night temperature’ he answered Daddy’s question to me of ‘what time is it?’ with ‘it’s time for lunch!’ …

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