Ten things I love about you!

I was tagged by Wonna Blogger to do this post as part of the link up at Mother on Mother Earth

So here goes!

Ten things I love about you (two)!

1.That you are gorgeous!

You both have such beautiful blue eyes and massively gorgeous smiles! My heart melts, every time I look at you!

2. Your love of books!

A new book makes you smile and you both love them on any occassion, perfect mummy/daddy time, when you are chilling, when you are sick, when you are tired! You both just love books!

3. They way you remember things.

Legs, I love how smart you are and that you can recite a story to us after just a couple of times of reading, the way you remember places when you have only visited once and the way you remember things you learn at nursery! Mouse, you are awesome too, you remember signs and use them, remember what you like and don’t on sight and where we hide the dummies!

4. I love your determination

You are both so determined, Mouse you are fantastic you will find a way to climb, get in a nook, get a cuddle, anything you want to do, you push forward. Legs you are an awesome little boy with a need to learn, you are determined to learn new things daily! You are also very good at bargaining if there is something you want (‘how about if……’ said with cheeky grin!)

5. You love fruit!

You really do, you would (and do) eat loads of it, berries, apples, bananas! What mum doesn’t want they kids to eat fruit!

6. You say the funniest things!

Mouse, you say it with a look or a smile. You are cheeky and have a mischievous look, that you use at all sorts of opportunities! Legs you are so clever and come out with some wonderful things and can do a wide range of voices and noises!

7. You both can say I love you and mean it!

Using words or sign, you both tell me and daddy that you love us, I am so glad to be your mummy.

8. You love fun!

and I love playing, singing, dancing etc with you too! You are so fun loving and make me remember what is important!

9. That you love each other!

You hug each other, look after each other when one of you is ill and play together.  Yes you act like brothers and sisters sometimes and bicker, but you can always tell that you love each other.

10. That you both are you.

You are amazing, and me and daddy are glad to have you both. We love you for who you are and who you will become. I love that you are so alike, but both are unique too. You are fab children and I am sure you will become remarkable adults (just dont grow up too fast!)

I now tag Louise at Baby Signing Mummy and Viv at Poppy Sparkles


    • Louise Gibbs on July 26, 2011 at 22:36
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    That is such a beautiful blog post! …..better get my thinking cap on 🙂

    • itsmyfirsttime on July 27, 2011 at 01:26
    • Reply

    Very Sweet!

    • granny B on July 29, 2011 at 19:40
    • Reply

    That is really fantastic and Granny B and Grampsy think you are both beautiful children too.

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