The Big Book of Monster Fun – Review

Parragon Books was established in the late 1980s and they have gone from strength to strength; now they have more than just books in their range – they have gifts, stationary and activity books too. For the latest Book Buddy Review we were sent the ‘Big Book of Monster Fun’ to take a look at! Big Book of Monster FunSo, you know them times when you want to buy the kids something and you are not sure whether to get a story book, an activity book or a colouring book. Well this is your answer because it is all three! This is literally the big book of fun, there are over 180 pages of stories, colouring at activities!IMG_0137There are two sections to the book, the first half is filled with Monster Related stuff and the second is full of Dinosaurs. Both sections have a story, colouring pages and lots of activities. The activities range from drawing missing bits of a picture to counting the items on a page. There is even a mini game in there to play. It is surprising how many things to do are in the book!

It is a lovely big book and really is stuffed full of fun, my two are both really creative and love reading so it seems like a perfect option to buy.  Some of the activities  are a little young for Monkey at 7 but the stories (especially the Dinosaur one with it’s comic book design) still attract him, so it is a book that Monkey and Mouse can share!

The only real question about the book is where would you start – activity or story?!

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