The one about chicken pox!

It’s one of those things that you expect to happen to you children, almost wait for it to happen, but when it does, it is worse than you thought!

Chicken pox!

Two weeks ago Legs came out with a couple of spots, we went through the ‘could they be, are they, aren’t they?’ talks, when he got up in the morning it was a definite yes! They spread like crazy, especially after a bath, heat just brings them out in force. So off to the doctors for the diagnosis and a nod yes later he was back home to carpol, sleep and cuddles! Luckily he had what they class as a mild bout, one bad night of temperatures and calamine lotion, a lot of sleep and he was well on the mend!

Two weeks later, and here we are again with Mouse, except this time there was no questioning what it was; there were several spots straight away and poor little Mouse is now covered Head to Knees! She is suffering, last night was (hopefully) the worst of it, a night on the sofa bed in the living room for me, watching Peppa Pig at 2 in the morning as it was the only way to calm her down! After two hours sleep (one at 4am and one at 6am) I got off to work! Luckily being near Christmas there was no bother in me leaving early!!

Today the Mouse is a bit better, she is sleeping now which is a massive improvement! But a real question is ‘what do you do with a chicken poxed child who won’t let you near them with Calomine lotion?’

So Chicken Pox, I knew you would come one day, but now you can jolly well leave – It’s nearly Christmas you know?!

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