The Vibe Collection from SWATCH

Following on from the previous post about the Neon Workshop I attended with Swatch I would now like to show you and tell you about the new Vibe collections and my new Watch.Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 13.45.24The word Swatch in itself brings up memories for me as I had a SWATCH Pop Watch when I was a teenager and I loved it. I love to see how the brand has developed and that they now have such a vast range of watches – there really is something for everyone.

The recently Released Swatch Vibe Collection is no different, there are different styles, different styles and different colours.Photo 25-04-2018, 18 14 35I love this new range, the colours are so striking; even the black watches have a splash of colour on the dials, I think there is a watch for every occasion. There are ones with fun designs too; including one with fish on and one that is definitely bee inspired.

I was given a Swatch for myself  at the end of the event and I was very pleased with the one I got – It is bright Pink and with it’s fab silicone strap and a stylish aluminium dial it is perfect for the summer! Photo 19-05-2018, 14 52 04 (1)I love my new watch, the pink is lovely and bright, the purple, yellow and silver make the colour ‘POP’ even more. It is a watch that is light enough to wear throughout the day – I have a thing about feeling constricted around the wrist and this watch hasn’t caused me any problems.

It has a slightly louder tick than my other Swatch (from the Skin Range), but it is ok (I just don’t wear it to bed). Being a mum I have to ensure things like this are robust enough to last. I am pleased to say that this is all good on that front. I have worn it on the school run, shopping, playing basketball in the park and more and it is still very much in tack!

So in the Watch department – I am set, the only thing I have to think about it – is which one is the husband going to buy me next!


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