Mar 29

Three More Sleeps!

I am not sure who is more excited, the kids, me or the hubby!  We can’t believe it has come around so quickly, Three more sleeps…or maybe three more nights of excited tossing and turning non sleep until we head off on our Butlins Ambassadors trip!


We can’t wait, the last three months have been tough. We seem to have picked up every illness going, work has been stressful and some days I really struggle with not having quality time with the family. So, this holiday is an opportunity to spend a lot of time together, have some fun and hopefully relax!

We are heading to the Shoreline Hotel in Bognor Regis for some Easter fun, we are looking forward to so much, at the minute we are not sure how we are going to fit it all in!

Of course, whilst we are there, we have a job to do!  We are there to report back to you what it is like to have a break at Butlins! The kids will mainly be testing the entertainment, the hubby has the job of food critique and me? Well, anything to do with relaxation…the hotel room, the ease of the week, the little things that only mums notice!

So what do you really want to know? Have you visited before and want to know if something has changed? Do you particularly want to know about the hotels? Let me know and I will try and answer all!




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  1. sarahmumof3

    I’m sure you’ll have a great time, I’ve never actually been to Butlins so I’ll be looking out for your review, I’d be intrested in knowing what entertainment is available, how much more extra spending money ontop of accomodation generally is needed, are lots of ‘extras’ on offer such as toys, sweets and such like to entice kids in which are hard to ignore? or are most things covered in the price of the stay? I am not kean on places that use kids pester power to get sales lol

  2. anna

    I would love to know what the hotel is like, we used to go when we were young but it was to skegness and we stayed in the caravans so being in a hotel would be quite different than the butlins I remember (but probably better tbh!)
    Also would love to hear about the entertainment and what the kids have got up to and enjoyed. I am really thinking about going, we just don’t get round to booking it! but it seems like it could be a nice break
    Have a great time!

  3. Eileen Teo

    im envy u! have fun!

  4. Melksham Mum

    The Shoreline looks great. We are off to Minehead in May for our first Butlins trip to review. Not really sure what to expect!! Looking forward to see how Bognor is for you x

  5. Louise

    I’d like to know if the rooms are comfortable and what extras they charge for. We went to centre parks which was nice but just paying out money left right and centre.

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