Oct 09

Vanish – Stain Removal. Review and Competition

I know housework and chores are not the most exciting thing to talk about, but they are a part of everyday life, I feel that I am constantly washing clothes and the amount of items that have stains on is unbelievable. I have used Vanish in the form of a pre-wash spray but I haven’t used the whole range. I was very happy to give other products a test run though and I was ‘lucky’ that they arrived during a particularly stain ridden week!20150924_141647

We were sent three products to use to give a go:

Vanish Powershot Carpet Stain Remover – a foam that gets to work immediately, removing stains by driving deep into the carpet pile. It has a fizzy action that helps dissolve and lift stains.

Vanish Gold for Whites Powder (470g) – Best for your white wash, makes your white garments three shades whiter and is so powerful it removes some stains in just 30 seconds! Can also be used to pre-soak or pre-treat a stain

Vanish Gold Oxi Action Powder (470g) – This has a super boosted formula that is so powerful it removes some stains in just 30 seconds! Can be used on whites or colours!

So as I mentioned I had a bad stain week, it seemed that everything we did caused a stain! We had hot chocolate down Mouse’s PE T-shirt (yep, the one she normally only wears in school), Food down Monkey’s England Shirt, Face Paint all over a flannel and even Tomato sauce on my dressing gown (I was tidying and the bottle leaked!). So it seemed obvious to start by trying out the Vanish Gold for White powder.

I decided not to soak or treat the stains before hand to see what this powder can do. You add the powder directly in with your washing powder and perform your normal wash. Here are the resultsvanishI have to say I am impressed, you can see the results and the stain are gone. You can also use the powder to keep your whites white by popping it in every wash and I will definitely be doing that from now on!


I think any household suffers stains but I know in our house it is more a question of ‘what stain this time?’. Living with young children it is a mixture of food, outside elements; grass, mud etc and creativeness!

I have to be honest though, not all of the stains are from the children. Dad in Law is prone to leaving a few Red Wine Stains on his top and my carpet and I am terrible for knocking my coffee over! Vanish have extra help in form of their Stain Remover Tool. You simply pop in the stain and fabric and it tells you the best product to use!

The lovely Vanish folk are offering a chance to win the same three products I was sent, If you want to be in with a chance of winning follow the options on the Gleam widget to enter (do as many or few entries as you please). Oh and Good luck, we all need some vanish in our lives!

Vanish Stain Remover


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  1. Becca Staples

    Grass stains on the kids clothes x

  2. Tracey Peach

    Food stains because they leave hard to shift grease stains

  3. Charlotte Jarvis

    Food Stains from always cooking colourful foods!

  4. trevor linvell

    stains from my cats furballs

  5. iain maciver


  6. Amandeep Sibia


  7. Katie skeoch

    Grass stains

  8. helen battle

    I struggle to get grease out of overalls the most

  9. Suzanne Drummond

    stains from 2 kids and a dog

  10. laura banks

    ink stains they are pain

  11. Samantha Loughlin

    Grass stains

  12. Kim Styles

    oil of any kind

  13. Louise Comb


  14. Jo Jones

    Blackberry juice on clothes after hedgerow picking

  15. Heather Haigh

    Curry stains, especially turmeric

  16. melanie stirling

    Bolognese sauce.

  17. Nina Krasteva

    Love it!

  18. Megan Adams

    Tomato sauce stains.

  19. Martina Pichova

    orange baby food

  20. Caroline H

    Beetroot. We love it in this house but it’s a real hazard zone!

  21. JenB

    sounds good can’t wait to try!

  22. Elaine Savage

    Tomato sauce

  23. Anne-Marie Wigley

    acrylic paint stains

  24. Ashleigh Allan

    grass stains

  25. Jennifer Haden

    stains on leather are so hard to get out

  26. Ruth Thomas

    It has to be oil splashes

  27. claire blaney

    curry stains

  28. Lisa Buckley

    Cat vomit on carpet 🙁

  29. Renate Kriegler Edwards

    Mascara on white face cloths! Ugh!

  30. kate philpott

    Muddy marks on my sons school shirts sure he catches the ball with his top instead of his hands

  31. andrew burns

    Grass stains are very hard to get out and with a large family who enjoy the outdoors i definitely have to use a stain remover

  32. Nichola Mackay

    Rust stains are my nemesis

  33. Rich Tyler

    Pasta Sauce / Pesto

  34. Ray Becker

    Red wine

  35. Laura Harris

    Pasta sauce is the nightmare of my life!


    tomato sauce!

  37. Emily Knight

    Grease stains! They’re a nightmare to get out!

  38. claire woods

    white board pens from school

  39. Val Hartley

    Tomato sauce

  40. Laura Jeffs

    grass stain

  41. Shivon Davis

    Baby food its a nightmare to get off xx

  42. Tracy Newton

    Tomato based stains on my little ones clothes. Plus orange paint from nursery.

  43. Annie Costa

    Oil stains normally from making homemade sauces e.g. pizza sauce or bolognese sauce

  44. Lillian Fisher

    Dried in blood, my son gets lots of nosebleeds

  45. Rachael G


  46. Joanne Phillips

    Curry stains are the worst for me

  47. Claire Ann Stewart

    Grass stains in the hubbys and sons football kits

  48. Paul Scotland

    Grass stains on my sons trousers

  49. Lorraine Tinsley

    Blackberry stains

  50. Karis


  51. Lesley Bradley

    Oil and tomato stains on my son’s chefs whites! A lot of them!

  52. Rishi Modi

    Wine Stains

  53. Simon C

    Oh gosh… food, food and more food. We have so much food mess on clothes, it’s unbelievable. Anything that makes that easier will be a blessing!

  54. Charlotte Moore

    Food stains

  55. aj


  56. pete c

    always oil stains

  57. lyn

    Food stains

  58. helen tovell



    ink stains!

  60. Janet Dring


  61. claire griffiths

    bolognese sauce

  62. Stephanie Whitehouse

    Tomato based sauces are dreadful

  63. Jon Sellers

    Curry is a nightmare

  64. Mummy of Two + 1

    Tomato sauces. My kids are always covered after we have spaghetti and I hate trying to get it out of their clothes.

  65. Steven Appleton

    Pizza juice on school shirt, grrrr

  66. Sheila Reeves

    tomato based pasta sauces, never seem to get them out completely

  67. Jennifer Gilbert

    really struggle getting the foundation make up strain from the colars of my white shirts!

  68. Richard R

    Gravy stains (and other foods….)

  69. Ruth Harwood

    My son has nosebleeds on his school shirt and they are really hard to get off the white!!

  70. Carole


  71. Tammy Tudor

    Anything tomato based is a struggle especially lasagne

  72. Megan Kinsey


  73. Rebecca Smith

    Ink stains my husband gets from his printing job, forever needing new uniform

  74. Martina Evans

    Foods stains, especially curry sauce!

  75. Hannah Igoe

    Permanent pen and the school dinner!

  76. Samantha Fernley

    Chocolate is such a pain to get out, my son gets it all over his t-shirts.

  77. Mrs Bowers

    Ink and tomato sauce

  78. Patricia Avery

    Hubby’s shirt collars are a nightmare to clean 🙂

  79. Robyn Logan Clarke

    Bolagnaise sauce

  80. katie w

    Grease stains are the worst

  81. Jayne Barnes


  82. Catherine Whittall

    Tomato sauce is the worst one for me

  83. kim neville

    Tomato sauce

  84. Leanne Newsome

    Tomato sauce on my kids clothes

  85. jodie harvey

    ketchup and chocolate

  86. Jo Glasspool

    Grass stains

  87. Karen Richards

    Grease stain or chocolate

  88. Jennifer Turnbull

    Grease stains.

  89. Margaret Clarkson

    Certain food stains with strong colours, like turmeric.

  90. Diana

    My daughter fell on a black pavement and her white leggings got black knees and I washed them so many times and it’s still there ;s

  91. Anthea Holloway

    Grass stains and earth stains from all that gardening are my problem stains!

  92. Sheri Darby

    Food stains

  93. Kerry Kilmister

    Carrot based stains are a nightmare with my little girl

  94. Jade Hewlett

    Paint and food

  95. Andrea Miles

    must be curry

  96. Victoria Prince


  97. lindsay chadburn

    spaghetti bolognaise sauce

  98. Robert Slipper

    This stuff’s gotta be good ‘cos I’m the king of stains!

  99. Sarah Mills


  100. Sarah Parker

    blood 🙂


    Red coloured sauce

  102. Andrew Hindley

    Curry Stains

  103. Melanie Southey-Hill

    Tomato pasta sauces 🙂

  104. Michelle Banks

    oil stains x

  105. Sue Dorking

    Grass stains, my family is sports mad!

  106. /alison

    Mud, its a nightmare

  107. Kat Allinson

    Tomato stains

  108. janine atkin

    pen marks

  109. Nancy Bradford

    Crayons – I’ve got so many things around my home that have been ruined by crayons.


    Tomato soup

  111. Ellen Stafford

    Food stains

  112. Emily

    I always struggle with fruit food stains! Having a messy 1 year old eater, and waiting for a full load to do a wash means they get right in the grains of fabric and I always end up having to rewash a few times to get them out completely! And don’t even get me started on tomatoes! They’re the worst of the worst!

  113. Jennifer Turnbull


  114. Gillian Hutchison

    Paint on my childrens clothes when they have been from nursery

  115. Emmy Fisher

    Grease stains



  117. Stevey H

    Anything tomato based is a pain!

  118. Katie

    Muddy paw prints from Betty the dog

  119. Solange

    Grass stains

  120. david cavender

    Food stains mainly

  121. Kelly Hirst

    Grass stains on the bottom of socks

  122. Erica Price

    Tomato sauce

  123. Linz W

    I have the most trouble with pasta sauces on my daughters t-shirts! She’s such a messy eater…the only 5 year old in the history of the world that needs a bib!

  124. Carrie Talbot-Ashby

    Paint, pen, grease, tomato sauce, pretty much everything you can think of! With four kids who love their arts n crafts, its a battle to ever get anything clean! So thanks very much for the review and giveaway! xxx

  125. chirag P


  126. Helen

    Bolognese sauce!

  127. Lorraine Crawford

    Bolognese sauce on white napkins!!

  128. Barbara Jane Shaw

    Spaghetti Bol (or any tomato based) stains on kids clothes

  129. Barbara Handley

    Oil and grease stains sometimes beat me.

  130. caroline james

    I struggle to get mud and grass out of football kits.

  131. Claire Nelson

    Grass stains on football kits


    Ink stains

  133. Emma

    Muddy paw prints

  134. pauline black

    Tomato soup! Bane of my life and the kids love it!

  135. Natalie Crossan

    grass stains x


    grease from my cats fur when they lay on the beds

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